Traveling Nurses Are Valuable to Healthcare

By Erica Ronchetti

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly demanding for nurses and traveling nurses, who must now care for the rising numbers of aging baby boomers and other health care demanders.  In contrast, the number of prospective nurses and nursing students who will become professional nurses and travel nurses is decreasing, despite the growing community of people who require health care and medical assistance.  Travel nurse agencies have been a remedy for this widening gap between patients, nurses, and travel nurses.  They provide nursing staff for hospitals and other healthcare services, and fulfill both patients and facilities needs.

Many schools and universities are experiencing a significant shortage of students who are studying to become professional nurses.  There are insufficient numbers of these students compared to the increasing demands of the United States population and their projected healthcare needs.  Over past years, there has been little to no maintenance of nursing student enrollment levels, and now 73% of Americans acknowledge that this shortage of nurses is a concern, and one that is on the rise.

Companies like Travel Nurse Source and other travel nursing agencies have been developed to address this growing need for healthcare professionals and provide solutions for nurses who are interested in traveling and healthcare facilities who need to fill staffing gaps. Travel Nurse Source operates with the nursing shortage directly in mind, staffing hospitals and facilities across the country to prevent the worsening nursing shortage in the USA. Travel nurse agencies are not a new occurrence; they’ve been in existence for almost two decades with the aim to solve staffing shortages, mainly in facilities that have employee and population turnover based on the seasonal changes.

In light of the nursing shortage, pursuing a career as a travel nurse or finding travel nurse employment has become a good opportunity for stability and professional growth.  Travel nurses can travel all over the US and nursing assignments last from 90 days up to six months, depending on the specific contract.  The travel nursing job can be in a variety of states or regions and facilities, and that is up to the nurse to choose.  Salaries for nurses who choose a travel nursing career tend to be on average, higher then nurses who stay in one location or healthcare venue.  Excelling housing benefits go along with the competitive salary, as well as health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits that travel nurse agencies offer.

Companies like Travel Nurse Source are indeed valuable assets for the healthcare industry.  To learn more about travel nursing jobs and travel nurse employment, visit our website!  Travel Nurse Source offers exciting travel nursing employment opportunities, such as travel nurse jobs Hawaii, California travel nursing, Florida travel nursing, New York travel nursing, and travel nursing in Alaska!

Erica Ronchetti is Account Manager for Travel Nurse Source, a recruiting company for traveling nurses.  Travel Nurse Source is affiliated with Allied Travel Careers, a recruiting company for traveling physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists.  For more information on what we do, please visit our websites.

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