The Weirdest Nursing Laws in the World

Healthcare is one of the most complicated fields when it comes to obeying laws because of the nature of the practice. But, I bet you didn’t know there’s a country that has a law against being too fat or that certain color scrubs are government mandated depending on your specialty. Here are a few silly nursing laws and rules you probably didn’t even know existed.

It’s illegal to throw away mercury thermometers in the US.

Sure, you probably won’t see mercury thermometers in hospitals anymore. But, if you’re in a poorer area or doing home-care visits you might come across this old-school tool. But, these easily breakable glass thermometers can be hazardous because of its loose mercury. If you come across one, you have to bring it to a hazardous disposal unit.

Getting off work for Christmas doesn’t exist in Saudi Arabia.

A lot of nurses still have to work holidays in America, but usually opting to take shifts during Thanksgiving or Christmas mean some sort of perks or bonuses. However, if you’re a nurse in Saudi Arabia, don’t think you’ll get off for Christmas just because their a mostly Muslim country. In fact, they don’t even consider December 25th a holiday…

It’s against the law to get pregnant if you’re single in the United Arab Emirates.

There’s two options for unwed women who get knocked up in the UAE—-either marry the father of the unborn child or leave the country. Repercussions include deportation or jail. If you’re an unmarried nurse planning on working in the United Arab Emirates, practice caution…

American hospitals have language policies.

There’s some hospitals that enforce strict “English only” rules in certain spots in their building. Usually, these are put into place when guests complain about not being able to understand nurses who speak other languages around them. It is really an etiquette thing. Hospital visitors feel uncomfortable when healthcare staff speak amongst themselves in their presence worrying that it is about them. However, safety is another reason for implementing this sort of regulation in certain facilities.

If you’re a bilingual nurse in the United States, you may want to check the hospital you’re working in for their particular language policy.

Australian nurses need to pass English tests before getting licensed.

It makes sense that a country would require a language test for their nurses to ensure they are able to take care of the patients, right? But, it’s still funny that their aspiring nurses have to pass the English test even if they come from say, England–where they would speak…English.

You aren’t allowed to be obese in Japan.

To avoid health complications to citizens from being too big, Japan passed a law in 2008 that made the maximum waistline size 85 cm for men and 90 cm for women (over 40.) People who fail to fit the country’s waist-requirement have to be given special education to prevent health issues like cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

The government provides uniforms for nurses in Wales.

Next time you complain about wearing scrubs, be thankful you can still have the freedom to choose the color/pattern of yours. That is, unless you’re a nurse in the U.K. that has to wear standardized colors. The color of uniform nurses must wear depend on which type of nurse they are in Wales. For example, staff nurses wear “hospital blue”, midwives wear “postman blue”. and nursery nurses wear “aqua green.”

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