Why You Should Consider West Virginia Travel Nurse Jobs

Why You Should Consider West Virginia Travel Nurse Jobs

Snaky, steep mountain roads make the journey arduous for locals who need to get from rural Appalachia to the nearest town for medical care. Plus, the local economy took a hard hit from a dwindling coal industry, and personal income growth in West Virginia was the lowest in the nation as of 2013. In the midst of all that, hospitals struggle to stay fully staffed, leaving limited care available. This means that hospitals are relying more and more on travel nurses to fill vacant positions. These positions are critical, as the hospitals serve people who travel from far away to receive care. With that said, travel nurses who really want to make a difference with their flexible and transient positions should consider West Virginia travel nurse jobs.

West Virginia travel nurse jobs

Not only are there plenty of travel nursing jobs in West Virginia, but beautiful scenery awaits you!

Three Reasons to Work West Virginia Travel Nurse Jobs

Here are three reasons why you should consider West Virginia travel nurse jobs!

1.     Gain Rural Healthcare Experience

The first and most obvious reason to work West Virginia travel nurse jobs is that you will get hands-on experience working in a rural healthcare setting. Working in a rural hospital is very different than working in an urban setting. Not only are your patients and their lifestyles drastically different, but the way you care for them is different too. For example, working in a busy, urban hospital typically means you have only one specialty or job to focus on. In a rural setting where there is less staff available, you may be asked to float around more. This will help you learn new skills and hopefully increase your value as a nurse.

2.     Fill a Major Gap in Healthcare

Not only will working West Virginia travel nurse jobs look good on your resume but, at the end of the day, you’ll be helping where help is needed most. That is, after all, one of the main reasons you decided to become a nurse, right? Charleston Area Medical Center, for example, has invested more than $12 million on travel nurses in 2017 alone. As the state’s largest employer, the hospital faces a large deficit and a severe nursing shortage. That investment shows just how badly travel nurses are needed in this region. Yet, hospitals in West Virginia are not alone – across the country, a nursing shortage plagues hospitals and spending on travel nurses has nearly doubled over the past three years. But, that’s good news for you! While you’re making out good money from the nursing shortage, use your luck to perhaps make the life better of someone less fortunate.

Here are some of the most in-demand specialties needed in West Virginia right now, according to jobs available right now on TravelNurseSource.com:

·      Telemetry Travel Nursing Jobs

·      Med/Surg Travel Nursing Jobs

·      OR Travel Nursing Jobs

·      ICU Travel Nursing Jobs

·      Long Term Care Travel Nursing Jobs

3.     Tour the Appalachia Region

The third reason to work West Virginia travel nurse jobs is that you will get to explore a unique region of the country. Although financial hardship portrays a grim and despairing depiction of West Virginia, the Mountain State’s scenery paints a different picture. The state is known for picturesque lakes and rivers amid the mountains, historic and hospitable towns, and rich history. This state is the ideal tourist destination for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers.

Here are some of the top attractions in West Virginia:

1.  Cass Scenic Railroad Park

2. Canaan Valley State Park

3. West Virginia State Penitentiary

4. Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races

5. Clay Center

6. Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park

7. Summersville Lake

8. Huntington Museum of Art

9. Charleston Civic Center

Are you ready to go? Fill out an application online today for West Virginia travel nursing jobs! If you’ve worked in West Virginia before, share your experience with us in the comments below!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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