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January 20, 2022

by Kristie Noel Hicks

Where are you Ramsey?

I'm looking for Ramsey Vermillion. Can someone tell him to contact me and let him know the Arkansas Duo is back out on the road and we need contracts? Tasha Calhoun and myself loved having Ramsey as our recruiter in the past and haven't found another like him. Thanks for any and all help.

February 27, 2019

by Peter Berns


When I first got in contact with Ramsey I was a rehab nurse with only 2 years of experience. I was a hard sell from my resume but that didn't stop Ramsey. He worked tireless me to get me my first assignment. This opened a whole new world for me, I have now worked on Medical, Surgical, Telemetry, oncology, and pediatric floors. My experience sky rocketed because he believed in me which correlated to raises and new opportunities. He also brings an unparalleled amount of energy to the job that motivates you and makes you believe you can do anything. This does not even begin to touch his amazing service. I have been around a lot of travelers who were used by their recruiters to get bigger paychecks for themselves. This was never the case with Ramsey, even as a new travel nurse he was always upfront and did the most to make your time away from home worth while. He did everything to put you in the best position to do what you want and to make the most money. I cannot begin to say enough good things about Ramsey and his service he provides. When I found out he was starting a company of his own I was ecstatic, he embodies everything great about travel nursing. I know with him involved Origin Travel Nursing will be great!

February 21, 2019

by Doris Harding


When Brent (President, Co-Founder at Origin Travel Nurses) first reached out to me as a recruiter a few years ago, I felt an immediate connection and comfort - knowing I had the right recruiter! At the time, I was an experienced RN and new empty nester, looking to find something new and exciting to look forward to. I had been poking around different travel nurse websites, heard from a few recruiters, but felt a little uneasy to take the transition plunge from clinical to travel nursing. Other recruiters were quick to push me into this job or that job, get my credentials etc locked in with their companies, but Brent - he was different! There was sincerity in his voice and mannerisms, no urgency, and he took the time to get to know what I was really looking for and get to know me! That made me comfortable and eager to move forward. Always quick and honest with my queries, I knew I could count on him and place my trust in him. In addition, he respected me enough to reach out and ask me about MY opinions on many work related issues. I cannot say enough about Brent. I am so pleased he is starting his own company and have no doubt Origin Travel Nurses will do well!!

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