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RCM HealthCare Travel

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March 10, 2020

by Tim

Truly a Great Experience

My travel career with RCM has been amazing and I have zero complaints. Great pay, excellent options and benefits! My recruiter treats me like a friend and not just another traveler to add to their contact list. I enjoy working with everyone on the RCM team. Looking forward to many more assignments!

February 27, 2020

by Sarah Smith

Best pay with RCM

I have worked with RCM for a few contracts and have always been the best paid at each facility I've gone to. My recruiter is very engaged, easy to get a hold, of, and goes above and beyond ! Very happy with my experiences with them! Would highly recommend!

February 27, 2020

by Charlie

5 starts for RCM

I have been with RCM for 2 years now with no plans to change that anytime soon. I love my recruiter. She is always available, honest, and goes above and beyond for me.

February 27, 2020

by Jennifer


I have worked with RCM for a few contracts and they are awesome! from the moment I first spoke to my recruiter to being on contract, everything was smooth. I haven't had any issues with pay and it seems they always have the jobs or location i'm looking for. I won't be leaving this agency! thanks RCM!

February 27, 2020

by Tasha

Everyone from RCM is amazing!

I have been working with RCM for the past 2 years continuously. I always feel like my contracts are the highest most competitive pay and the service and response from the entire team makes me feel like they truly care. I am more than a number and it shows! Having great pay and assignment selection is important but so is the care you get when you speak to their staff.
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About RCM HealthCare Travel


Guaranteed Hours: Yes
JCAHO Certified: Yes
3 Words to Describe your Competitive Advantage: Dedicated, Aggressive, and Experienced

Insurance Benefits

Health Insurance Provided: Yes
Professional Liability Insurance: Yes
Coverage Between Assignments: Yes

Financial Benefits

Licensing Reimbursement: Yes
CEU Reimbursement: Yes
Retirement Plan: Yes
Flexible Payment Options: Yes
Pay for Physical Exams: Yes
Pay for Drug Testing: Yes

Housing/Travel Benefits

Housing Provided: Yes
Housing Stipend: Yes
Flexible Housing or Furniture Options: Yes
Cover Travel Expenses to the Assignment: Yes


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