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September 13, 2019

by Nicole


I started working with this company last fall and they by far have been a blessing to my career! They are very goal oriented to their employees and have their employees best interests at heart, at all times! Would highly recommend any nurse looking to spread their wings and fly to jump on board with this company! Trust me you won’t look back only ahead!

About Trusted Nurse Staffing, LLC


Guaranteed Hours: Yes
JCAHO Certified: Yes
3 Words to Describe your Competitive Advantage: Service, Integrity, Results

Insurance Benefits

Health Insurance Provided: Yes
Professional Liability Insurance: Yes

Financial Benefits

Licensing Reimbursement: Yes
CEU Reimbursement: Yes
Retirement Plan: Yes
Flexible Payment Options: Yes
Pay for Physical Exams: Yes
Pay for Drug Testing: Yes

Housing/Travel Benefits

Housing Stipend: Yes
Rental Car or Stipend: Yes
Cover Travel Expenses to the Assignment: Yes


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Jess Cramer


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Kyle Hartl


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Tim Seel