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Lynchburg, VA
estimated $2,183 per week
Start: 3 Weeks
Duration: 13 weeks

Travel Nurse RN - IMC - $2,183 per week in Lynchburg, VA - As an Intermediate Care (IMC) Registered Nurse (RN), you will provide specialized nursing care to patients who require a higher level of monitoring and intervention than general medical-surgical patients but do not require intensive care unit (ICU) level care. You will assess, monitor, and manage patients' conditions, collaborating with healthcare teams to ensure timely and effective patient care. Key Responsibilities: Patient Assessment and Monitoring: Perform comprehensive assessments of patients' health status upon admission and throughout their stay in the IMC unit. Monitor vital signs, cardiac rhythms, oxygenation levels, and other physiological parameters, identifying changes and responding promptly to acute conditions. Clinical Care and Interventions: Administer medications, IV fluids, and treatments as prescribed, ensuring accuracy in dosage, administration, and monitoring of therapeutic responses. Perform complex nursing procedures such as managing ventilated patients, administering blood products, and titrating vasoactive medications under physician supervision. Critical Thinking and Decision Making: Utilize clinical judgment and critical thinking skills to assess patient conditions, prioritize care needs, and initiate appropriate interventions. Collaborate with physicians and healthcare team members to develop and modify patient care plans based on ongoing assessments and patient responses. Patient and Family Education: Educate patients and families about medical conditions, treatment plans, medications, and self-care strategies to promote recovery and prevent complications. Provide emotional support and address concerns, ensuring patients and families are informed and involved in decision-making processes. Documentation and Communication: Maintain accurate and timely documentation of nursing assessments, interventions, and patient responses in electronic medical records (EMRs). Communicate effectively with interdisciplinary team members, including physicians, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, and case managers, to coordinate care plans and ensure continuity of care. Quality Assurance and Compliance: Adhere to hospital policies, protocols, and standards of nursing practice to promote patient safety and quality of care. Participate in quality improvement initiatives, patient safety rounds, and interdisciplinary rounds to enhance clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Emergency Response and Crisis Management: Respond to medical emergencies and crises within the IMC unit, initiating rapid interventions and stabilizing patients until higher-level care can be provided if needed. Maintain proficiency in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and other emergency procedures relevant to IMC patient care. Professional Development and Collaboration: Pursue continuing education and professional development opportunities to expand clinical knowledge and stay current with advancements in IMC nursing practice. Foster a collaborative work environment, supporting teamwork, mutual respect, and effective communication among healthcare team members.

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