10 New Years Resolutions For Nurses

Now that we’re rapidly approaching 2017, it’s time to reflect on the past and look towards the New Year. New Years Resolutions for nurses are a great way to set an attainable goal as you grow as a person, loved one, and nurse. Whether it’s a goal pertaining to work, school, or life in general, these resolutions can help guide you through the coming months as your strive to be the best possible person. Here are just a few resolutions you might want to make in the upcoming weeks.

New Years Resolutions For Nurses

1. Less screen time, more me-time

Social media has become a parasite for many in the last few years, sucking away valuable human contact, attention spans, and much-needed rest. In the healthcare field, rest is a necessity, and too much time spent on your phone or tablet can affect your ability to sleep.

2. Leave work, at work

Stress and burnout are extremely high in the medical field, so it can be tough to leave the anxieties from your work, in the office. Make a resolution to leave work-related problems at the door. It’s known that bringing home your work issues can quickly create problems in the household, so try to keep work and home separate.

3. Get some exercise

Arguably the most common of the New Years resolutions, getting into shape is often the toughest resolution to fulfill. While many in the health care field believe they get enough exercise by making their daily rounds, it’s still important to exercise outside of work as well. Not only is it good for your physical health, it can reduce the mounting stress you might bring home from work.

4. Find a hobby

While it’s always good to be invested in your work, having an unrelated hobby will take your mind off of your stressful job. Whether it’s coaching a youth sports team, or making crafts, a healthy hobby outside of work can go a long way.

5. Open a book

In an era of screens and monitors, it’s time to kick it old school and grab a book. A known stress reliever and memory strengthener, a good book can be a great way to wind down after a tough shift. Pick something that interests you. Whether it be the latest mystery novel or a steamy romance, reading is one of the best new years resolutions to tackle.

6. Spend with family

Although you might be sick of certain family members after spending the holidays together, it’s important to stay in touch with your relatives. Busy schedules and travel issues can make family gatherings tough to come by, so try to get as much family time as you can. The family is another support group that should be taken care of this year.

7. Learn something new

As cheesy as it sounds, it’s always a good idea to keep like childlike curiosity well into adulthood. Whether it’s finding a new hobby, learning a new language, or even going back to school. Vowing to learn something new is one of the most productive New Years resolutions.

8. Mentor a younger nurse

I’m sure you remember your first day as you tried to take in all the information, surroundings, and new faces. Being a new nurse in a new facility can be overwhelming, so for this New Years resolution, it’s time to give back. Find a new nurse to take under your wing this year, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn something new yourself.

9. Get along with ALL coworkers

Yes, even that coworker. Probably the toughest of the New Years resolutions, working together with certain coworkers can be a rough ordeal. Remember that the patients come first, so if you have to bite your tongue from time to time, just remember that it’s worth it.

10. Learn from 2016

One final New Years resolution would be to learn from your past mistakes. Whatever they were, it’s important to acknowledge those shortcomings and to look towards the future with clear eyes and a full heart.

So, there you have it 10 New Years resolutions for nurses as we head in 2017. What New Years resolutions are you making?

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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