Legislation For More Nurses Results In Less Nurses… ?

I was reading this somewhat rambling article about nurse staffing legislation in Illinois. Apparently, nurses oppose a proposed bill that would require a specified nurse to patient ratio. Nurses oppose this mandate based on the ramifications it would have for actual staffing as related to real patient needs, not perceived patient needs.

I thought this scenario highlighted a number of critical issues and reinforced how complicated the nursing problem really is. Staffing is not a black and white, mathematically-based process. It is nuanced and based on hour-by-hour needs not broad standards. The balance of RNs to LPNs would likely be thrown all off and patient care could ultimately be compromised.

Interestingly, some disparaging remarks are made about travel nurses as potential scenarios unfold. One nurse states that she fears more travel nurses will be hired and that they are not a part of the facility or the community and won’t fit in.

Nobody’s ever completely happy. Sheesh!

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