5 Design-Do’s for the Traveling Nurse in creating that Temporary-Place into an Extraordinary-Space

You are a successful, globetrotting nurse who is jetting around the country helping others and embarking on journeys of goodwill and service. You’re dependable, you’re steadfast, and frankly…you’re damn tired.

So once you’ve clocked out and you’re heading home all your body really wants is some rest and perhaps simple solace. When walking into your home, you want to be immediately reminded of who you are outside of a job. It’s amazing how a simple mix of colors and textiles can equally inspire and most importantly, rejuvenate.

Yes. A temporary abode is well, temporary.  But it should be “your” temporary space and it should be “uniquely” yours. As a nurse your fast- paced career is always on the go, so in the evenings or days off all you want is a simple retreat-like haven, whisking you away from nurse-land into zentastic-land.

And, here’s where we come in! This 5 simple step article on “Design Do’s” will inspire and help any one remodel your “short term corner of the world” into a “Home Sweet Home.”

Design Do #1.  Can’t paint? Re-create!

It’s so easy these days to update existing furniture or household items you’ve collected over the years with paint or spray-paint. Don’t be afraid to paint wood, we swear it’s ok.

You can go with a really cool metallic paint finishes on anything from wood to pottery or glass. Or maybe you like a high gloss finish that screams dramatic and re-invented.

Paint can also be mixed into any color of the proverbial rainbow. If you find fabric or a chair that already has a professional color palate or pattern, take it with you. Paint stores can match the heck out of anything.

So before you start feeling like ‘no pain(t) no gain,’ think about colors that entice you or delight you. And above all else, remember any bright or bold colors will instantly warm up a space and make it feel cozy.

Design Do #2. Carry on VS Baggage claim

You’ve gone through your décor-belongings and you’re settling into your new digs. You’re discovering you still need items to fill in those awkward corners and empty walls. Where do you begin?

Well, we recommend checking out any local flea markets or home design stores. This is also a great chance to explore your surroundings and see what’s out there in the local decor world.

Most importantly, make a list before you expedition. Otherwise you will feel overwhelmed and uncertain in what you need or just want.

Secondly, take pictures of your space before you head out, it’s amazing how flooded the mind feels when it’s bombarded with design-deliciousness. And lastly, decide what you NEED before you go, and as you’re purchasing, if it’s really something you can take with you on your next nursing-job adventure.

Design Do #3. Temp-Depot.

Just because you’re not a permanent resident, does not mean minimal is your design style. Mr. Quick-Fix will always be a best friend. Quick fixes meaning anything from eclectic doorknobs and handles that will jazz up any old dresser or nightstand…(and you can paint them!) … to a quirky mirror that turns your empty entryway into a show-stopping first impression. Always look through discontinued, clearance isles. You’ll be sure to find one-of-a-kind pieces that can be sole inspiration for an entire room. (lamps, fabric, rugs)

Also, meander over to the patterned decal / wallpaper isles of any hardware, design store. These duos are both temporary and effectively impressive. They will spruce an empty space in no time.

Wrapping paper can also be used to transform any old empty frames into divine works of art. And we’ve found that wrapping is inexpensive and way more versatile and fun. It’s something you can constantly switch out and even re-use. So be Creative

 Design Do #4. Storage: A favorable co-worker.

Any type of storage or second-storage used to be ugly and unsightly. They were for items and mess you would haphazardly throw into craw spaces before any guests would arrive. But thankfully, a cure has been found in self-evident storage! And, you can feel guilt free.

Storage ideas come in all shapes and sizes and will transform that junk- drawer into a cleverly hip and groovy area. Yes, this is true.

Your life is becoming organized while your crap is remaining disorganized J You just need to be on the look out for clever containers (think outside the box) and your creativity will help define areas to stash them around your home.  Mason jars are a popular choice and are cost efficient. You can also find baskets and repaint or add ribbon to them. Or save gift bags, cans, bottles, cheap tins, etc. Basically anything that is recyclable will be doable and will easily become fabulous storage.

Also, if you’re in the market for larger areas of storage, walk through your home and think about double-occupancy, wherever you can. If you’re living in an apartment or condo that is smaller scaled, expand on that charm and cozy quarters.  One great example would be to partition a part of your kitchen or bedroom into a super cool desk area.

Create a little vignette with colorful storage boxes, trays, envelopes, and hang cork or aluminum squares for writing.

Or (return to Design Do #1) purchase chalkboard paint and paint a piece of glass or something sturdy, then hang it above your desk as a “catch all wall” that helps to house any sort of un-controllable chaos.

Design Do #5. In-vest in your Ingenuity.

Each person is gifted. It’s not just a matter of figuring out what your capabilities are, but it involves being intentional in reflecting them.

Are you passionate about photography? Are you someone that can bring your thoughts to life through painting?  Are you a florist? Or do you thrive on getting your hands dirty and playing in pottery?

There are a plethora of easily accessible ‘hobbies’ out there in the world today. And if you’re not releasing stress somehow, consider taking on a new endeavor that will be both, challenging and therapeutic.

How does this coexist with design? Sublimely. When someone enters your home, it should simultaneously reflect who you are as an individual. It should tell the story of your interest, or convey the collaboration between you and your friend, family, or significant other.

Display artwork, display meaningful photos, and through that you display your-SELF. And, what a great opportunity you have to do this, while living in different parts of the nation. You can capture tidbits of your temporary life through your art.

So whatever or wherever your journey has taken you and will continue to take you, remember…capture and collect sights that will remain timeless and memorable in your travel nursing experience.

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