5 New Years Resolutions For Travel Nurses

It’s that time of year again. Self-improvement challenges are mainstays of new year plans. Why not extend those resolutions to your travel nurse career? As we get ready to say goodbye to 2013, we would like to share with you some great ways to challenge yourself in the new year.

  1. Learn a new nursing skill. Is there a certain nursing skill that makes you a tad skittish? Make plans to improve that skill in 2014. Volunteer to start IV’s, perform caths, etc. Become certified in a certain skill (g-tube insertion, sedation, etc.) Not only will you build your confidence, but you’ll also become that much more of a travel nurse commodity.
  2. Take on an assignment in each US region! Expand your horizons and enjoy the thrill of experiencing a taste of the western, mid-western, southern, and northeastern cultures. You may be pleasantly surprised when you visit an area of the country that isn’t necessarily on the top of your list.
  3. Document and share your adventures. Let your family and friends in on what you’ve been doing and inspire your fellow nurse community by starting a blog or Instagram account, for example.
  4. Gain more knowledge. Nursing conferences offer a great combination of knowledge building as well as networking. Prudent nurses often seek ways to build their knowledge base. So, whether it’s via conferences, seminars or webinars, challenge yourself to continuing learning, especially if affects your current practice.
  5. Have more fun on your assignments! Have you always wanted to bungee jump? Take guitar lessons? Make plans to do it in 2014. Plan to live life to the fullest on your next assignment. No matter where you are, time goes by fast. Have as much fun as you possibly can.

Do you have any travel nurse resolutions for the new year? Share them with us!

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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