8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Nurses

The winter weather and impending holiday don’t exactly bring out the cheerful spirit in all of us, especially nurses. Long hours during the holidays can cut into precious family time and many nurses often feel underappreciated this time of year. While others are spending time by the fireplace with a mug full of hot cocoa, some nurses are instead sharing the holiday spirit with an ornery patient. It’s important to acknowledge the nurse in your life so they know just how much they mean to you. A great holiday gift can show them you care.

8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Nurses

1. New Scrubs

Nurse scrubs can get downright filthy sometimes, so a new pair of scrubs can go a long way. Make sure to know their size and the required color at their medical facility. A new outfit can lift anyone’s holiday spirit.

2. Non-slip Shoes

Comfort is key for many nurses, so a comfortable pair of slip-on shoes can be a great holiday gift for the nurse in your life. Long shifts and constant walking can put some wear and tear on the feet, so having a pair of shoes that fit can be the perfect holiday gift this season.

3. Caffeine

Many nurses will ditch the hot cocoa this year and opt for the hard stuff – coffee. Caffeine can be a nurse’s best friend especially around the holidays. Look into getting them an espresso machine or at the very least, a gift card to the local coffee shop. A caffeinated nurse is a happy nurse.

4. Nurse Reads

There are tons of nurse-related books out there that would be a perfect holiday gift. Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses is a more practical gift that can be used as a study tool. This drug guide contains hundreds of medications, their uses, and side effects. I wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out is a book of personal stories about what it means to be a nurse and could be a great way to remind your nurse of their importance.

5. Cold Remedy Kit

Nurses can especially be susceptible to colds and the flu virus. They deal with sick people all day, so its no surprise that they might get sick every once in awhile. A kit including cough drops, soup, and tissues can be a great little emergency kit for when those winter sniffles hit.

6. Relaxation

Nurses rarely get time to just relax. Stealing naps and meals in between shifts is no way to wind down. Purchase a spa package or plan out a staycation for the nurse in your life. This holiday gift will allow them to have some much needed “me time.”

7. Nurse Tote Bag

Often, a purse isn’t the most practical accessory to take into the office, so a reliable tote bag can be a great holiday gift. Store car keys, books, makeup, and everything else necessary to tackle the day.

8. Kindle or E-Reader

This is a great gift for the bibliophile nurse in your life. Why lug around one or two books when you can take your whole library with you? An e-reader is a portable alternative that will allow nurses to enjoy some reading on their break or at home.

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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