Can You Travel Nurse in Your Own City?

You probably associate travel nursing with warm climates and fun destinations. While travel nursing does offer the excitement of long distance travel, you may be wondering if you can travel nurse in your own city. The flexible nature of the career provides plenty of options, allowing you to customize your placements. Check out the benefits and disadvantages of travel nursing locally!

travel nursing locally

Benefits of Becoming a Travel Nurse in Your Own City

1. Enjoy the Perks of Living in One of the Best States for Nurses

If you’re fortunate to live in one of the best states for nurses, why give up the prime location? Take advantage of the high pay or the job opportunity and stay local. Apply for assignments in your state, so you don’t have to worry about taking all the stress of relocating to a new destination. You can still enjoy the change of pace that travel nursing offers by traveling to hospitals in surrounding communities, without sacrificing the benefits of travel nursing in your state.

2. Forget About the Hassles of Constant Travel

Traveling regularly can be extremely stressful. If you travel nurse locally, you won’t have to leave your family, friends, pets or house behind. You can enjoy the comfort of home without worrying about what you’ll miss while away. Travel nursing locally also makes it easier to start a family if you choose. If you’ve settled down or are looking to settle down in the near future, stay local and save yourself the stress of constant travel.

travel nurse in your own city

3. Make Strong Professional Connections

If you travel nurse in your own city and in the surrounding areas, you’ll likely be taking assignments at the same hospitals. Spending more time at the same hospitals will allow you to figure out your likes and dislikes, so you can make better decisions about future assignments. As you get to know the hospital staff, you’ll better your chances of getting selected for future assignments. Making impressions with experienced nurses and doctors is also a great way to network and build your resume. Removing the distraction of traveling demands will allow you to place an even greater focus on your career.

Disadvantages of Travel Nursing Locally

1. You May Not Get the Adventure You’re Looking For

If you choose to travel nurse in your own city, you won’t get to enjoy the change of climate and destinations that long-distance travel promises. If you’re looking to enjoy beach towns, mountain ranges, and open deserts, then travel nursing locally isn’t your best option. Travel nursing throughout the states will ensure adventure and satisfy your wanderlust.

2. You May Not Have as Much Job Opportunity

A smaller search radius will limit your job options. If you’re having trouble finding job opportunities, or you’re not receiving the pay you’d like, it may be time to expand your search. Check out different locations that better meet your needs, and be sure to compare the pay with the cost of living in the area. You also may not have access to all of the travel stipends and tax benefits of travel nursing. In order to be reimbursed for travel expenses and meals associated with traveling to and from work, you have to be working far enough away from home. You can work as a travel nurse locally, but it could complicate things come tax time. It is best to see an accountant that specializes in travel tax for advice on this. 

3. You May Get Bored

If you’re constantly taking on assignments at the same hospitals, it could get stale. Although nursing is a fast-paced field, becoming a travel nurse in your own city may not provide the excitement you’re looking for. Taking assignments in new locations will diversify your experiences and fight against boredom or burnout. 

Whether you decide to travel nurse in your own city or travel vast distances, there’s no one correct career path. When deciding if local travel nursing is right for you, think about your personal and professional goals. Browse through our travel nursing jobs and weigh the pros and cons of assignments across the country. Where will you travel next?

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