How to Celebrate Nurse Practitioners Week

It’s no secret that working as a nurse practitioner, or working any healthcare job for that matter, can be pretty thankless from time to time. With long hours, difficult patients, and varying pay scales, many nurses feel like they just don’t get the appreciation or recognition that they deserve. Luckily, you can celebrate all that nurse practitioners do during Nurse Practitioners Week. Nurse practitioners focus not only on diagnosing and managing acute and chronic illnesses but also on integrating health promotion, disease prevention, counseling, and education. Many nurse practitioners have doctoral degrees as well as advanced education and clinical training. This allows them to apply a holistic view as they treat and teach people of all backgrounds. Make sure to use this week to recognize nurse practitioners for all that they do. Below are just a few ways you can celebrate Nurse Practitioners Week as best you can.

Ways to Celebrate Nurse Practitioners Week

Let Your City Know!

Obtain a proclamation from your local authority (mayor, city council, city manager) or state official (governor, lieutenant governor, senators, representatives) proclaiming November 12-18, 2017, as National Nurse Practitioner Week. Call their office to find out the procedures for obtaining a proclamation. Let your whole town or city celebrate Nurse Practitioners Week. Contact local news outlets to help spread the word and give some recognition to these hard-working healthcare workers.

Join the Social Media Movement

If you’re a fan of Twitter, make sure to keep an eye out for “#NPweek” so you can get involved on social media and interact with other healthcare professionals looking to celebrate Nurse Practitioners Week. Social media offers a quick, effective way to share support for nurse practitioners with your circles throughout NP Week. Post, like and share messages in celebration of NPs, such as facts and reasons to appreciate the role they play in advancing health care.

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Volunteer At a School

Volunteer at schools to teach students about the many roles of NPs. Contact local civic groups such as rotary clubs, chambers of commerce, PTAs, girls and boys clubs, etc. to get on the agenda to present a program on healthcare in general and NPs in particular. Let the next generation know why nurse practitioners are so important, and why it’s a great career to pursue. There’s no better way to celebrate Nurse Practitioners week than to pass down your knowledge and open the door for a generation of potential nurse practitioners.

Personal Notes

Whether it’s on your current assignment, or simply some past coworkers, sending a personal note of thanks to the nurse practitioners in your life will help promote the importance of recognition in the healthcare field. A simple, genuine “thank you for your hard work and all that you do” is often the most treasured gift of all. It could be conveyed in a handwritten gesture or in person. If you’re on assignment, consider making note cards available for staff who would like to express their gratitude in a tangible form. Also, encourage fellow leaders at your healthcare organization, as well as other members of staff, to wish a “Happy NP Week” to their NP colleagues.

Treat Yourself

Lastly, one of the best things you can do to celebrate Nurse Practitioners Week is to treat yourself and provide some self-love. Whether it’s taking the day off to hang out with friends and family, or simply buying a new pair of scrubs to wear to work, it’s time that you did something for yourself. In a career that is all about helping others, it’s time to find some “me time” and treat yourself.

Do you have other ways that you or your practice is celebrating Nurse Practitioners Week? If you do, let us know how in the comment section below!

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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