Dating the Undateable: 5 Tips for Dating Travel Nurses

There are many myths about travel nurses, but the most infamous illusion is probably the idea that they’re undateable. While long distance relationships definitely aren’t for everyone, your treasured travel nurse knew exactly what he or she was doing when they chose this career path. Odds are, they’re a pro at dating on the go, and are searching for someone who welcomes their hunger for travel.
If you’re lucky enough to land one of these gypsy nurses, don’t ruin it by making common mistakes. Dating a travel nurse can be difficult, but if you follow these 5 easy tips for dating travel nurses, you and your nurse will be well on your way to happily ever after!

  • Don’t Expect Them to Stay in One Place
    Expecting your traveler to leave their beloved career behind and find a stationary position is one of the quickest ways to lose them. Most likely, they chose this career because of their love for travel, and asking them to give it up shows a lack of compassion for their wants, and can be considered selfish. Encourage their wanderlust, and always make sure they know you are behind them 100 percent.
  • Text, Call, and Skype
    Send cute texts throughout the day, and have scheduled phone calls when you’re both available; this will reassure them that you’re thinking about them regularly. Although, it’s important not to be overbearing with these calls and texts. After all, your nurse appreciates their space and time alone. Nevertheless, nursing can be stressful, and your constant companionship is really comforting. Plan a “Skype date” and eat dinner together. It sounds cheesy, but these little things really help build relationships when your significant other can’t be there in person.
  • Listen
    This sounds elementary, but when you text, call or Skype, make sure you are truly listening. Yeah, all that medical jargon can be hard to understand and hospital gossip isn’t that fun when you don’t know the offenders, but listening is important. Nursing can be a really difficult career, and venting can help ease stress tremendously. Releasing frustrations to a loved one can help nurses cope with bad days, and it can really help strengthen your relationship!
  • Plan a Visit
    Head to your traveler’s current city of choice for a long weekend, and experience why they love their travel career so much. These weekends (or weekdays, depending on work schedules) should be planned well in advance to assure you have plenty of time to explore this new area together. Planning a visit isn’t the most inexpensive way to prove your love for your travel nurse, but it goes a long way. Taking to the time to expose yourself to their temporary home won’t go unappreciated!
  • Send Snail Mail
    Whether you’re sending your nurse flowers, candy or other treats, everyone loves snail mail. Send them a mini care package with some of their favorite things; maybe a specific flavor of gum, a new movie that you wish you could’ve watched together, or even things like socks! Small, inexpensive surprises via mail are exciting, and a sure reminder to your traveler that they’re in your thoughts.


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