Infatuation & the ICU: 7 Benefits of Dating a Nurse

Infatuation & the ICU: 7 Benefits of Dating a Nurse

Dating or marrying a nurse has its ups and downs. On one hand, you’ve got yourself a partner with a great career and natural caregiving abilities that your friends are totally jealous of. But, sometimes you might realize that being with a nurse means you’re going to have to get accustomed to their hectic schedule, too. But generally speaking, when you’re lucky enough to be able to “play doctor” with your nurse almost every night, there’s a bunch of reasons to feel blessed. Below we’ll take a look at some of the amazing benefits of dating a nurse.

benefits of dating a nurse

7 Benefits of Dating a Nurse

1. Free Medical Consultation

Nurses can know just what to do in times of emergencies so it’s always nice to have one around. One of the best benefits of dating a nurse is the medical care you’ll have at the ready. It doesn’t matter whether you get a snakebite while camping, break a bone, or start running a fever; nurses always know what to do. Plus, hypochondriacs can rejoice because they usually know when a trip to the hospital is actually necessary. Dating a nurse could literally end up saving your life one day.

2. Unsurpassed Compassion

Nurses are some of the most loving people in the world. Who better than to spend your life with than a professional caregiver? One study found that nurses are the #1 most respected profession due to their strong levels of compassion for other people. Compassion is important in a relationship, so having someone experienced with caring for others can make for a great partner.

3. Expert Listeners

Communication is the key, and one of the benefits of dating a nurse is their communication skills. When your partner is a nurse they are used to mindfully paying attention to what you say and being able to provide thoughtful feedback. Nurses don’t just nod their heads and go along with what you’re saving, but actually, show you that they care. After all, in their profession, they have to take on crazy amounts of vital information all day.

4. Qualified in the Art of Stain-removal & Other Challenges

Nurses pretty much can get stains out of anything. I mean think about it. They’re so used to constantly getting a plethora of “exotic” stains out of their scrubs that a little wine on the carpet is nothing! It’s really an advantage if a nurse parents a child because you know that they are able to roll with the punches with the messes that kids love to make. They’ll stay calm in the face of adversity, especially when it comes to messes.

5. Strong (Emotionally & Physically)

Sure, we all have a lot of stress on our plates in our jobs, no matter where we work. But, if we think it’s tough to get our daily tasks done without going nuts then try keeping in a good mood when patients pass away, bedpans need to be changed, or we have to deal with crazy demands of unruly patients or their unpleasant families. Nurses can take on just about anything that comes their way. Therefore, you know that dating or marrying a nurse means they can overcome just about any challenge with a smile on their face. Plus, nurses will never tell you something is too gross so you probably always have someone willing to smash their own spiders.

6. They’ve Got Great Job Security

I’m not saying you should ever marry someone for money. But, you do know when you get with a nurse that they are going to be able to gainfully be employed and bring home a more than respectable living. It’s no secret that money is one of the biggest things that couples fight about, so it’llĀ  The unemployment rate for nurses is less than 2%.

7. They Help Guide Through Challenges

Nurses can help you go through sort of scary, grown-up chores such as figuring out what kind of insurance plan to take, for example. They’re no stranger to making big decisions that can often impact others. Nurses are skilled in thoughtfully and calmly formulating plans for success. (Nurses are really good at “adulting.”)

Do you have any other benefits for dating a nurse? Let us know below! Also, if you’re looking for your next assignment, check out the thousands of jobs we have to offer!

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