Evaluating Travel Nursing Jobs

One of the reason I like to keep track of a variety of blogs about travel nursing is that it can be very valuable for nurses to read about other travel nurse experiences and learn from them. On a blog titled “Adventures in Travel Nursing” a young couple documents their activities and experiences while on various travel nurse assignments. In a recent post, they thoroughly review the status of pending travel nursing jobs and the pluses and minuses of each alternative. I think this is a really interesting insight into the process of evaluating travel nurse assignments and determining the best option.

As any travel nurse will tell you, there are many factors to be considered when evaluating assignments. Some of them are professional and some are personal. The young couple in question, Brandon and Courtney by name, seem to be childless and have a lot of flexibility where they choose to end up. So, of course their criteria are different than a nurse with permanent ties to a particular location. But all factors must be carefully considered. Money, location, local culture, personal and professional goals, etc.

It seems that another factor in this particular case is that Brandon (the nurse) seems to be working with one travel nursing agency exclusively. While that may limit the options, it does offer the security of working with a familiar recruiter and being familiar with the policies and practices of that particular travel nurse agency.

It will be interesting to keep track of Brandon and Courtney as they continue their adventures in travel nursing.

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