Got What it Takes? Top Traits for Travel Nurses

Like most of healthcare, travel nursing is a highly competitive field. Professionals who truly possess a passion for the job often find a way to reach their goals… But what really makes the top travel nurses successful? Maybe you’re just starting out as a travel nurse or are feeling a little stagnant in your career — well that’s about to change! Here we’ll discuss some of the top traits for travel nurses and how you can show employers you mean business:

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3 Top Traits for Travel Nurses

As a field that is constantly growing and changing, travel nursing demands that professionals strive for excellence or be left behind. If you’re a natural born nurse, these opportunities what you’ve been waiting for! However, if you’re someone who is dedicated to the profession but know you can improve, this blog is for you! It just takes a bit of focus on the top traits for travel nurses until you can sharpen that competitive edge:

1. Professionalism in Travel Nursing

Although this first top trait for travel nurses seems fairly obvious, it can’t be stressed enough. When you’re moving between cities and interacting with new employers, maintaining professionalism is key. No matter where you go, you’ll want to mirror (or improve upon) the professional conduct of full-time personnel.

From an employer’s perspective, they want to feel safe in the investment of your employment. Even if you’re the most experienced and educated nurse in the country, a low-degree of professionalism can derail all of that! This comes down to:

  • Displaying good communication skills
  • Dressing Appropriately
  • Showing Up on Time
  • Finishing Any and All Traveler’s Paperwork on time
  • Understanding your role and duties from day 1

top traits for travel nurse help with patient interactions

2. Reliability in Travel Nursing

Our next pick for our top traits for travel nurses is reliability. Maybe you don’t have the most experience or know everything there is about your field (who does?) but being reliable goes a long way! Unfortunately, some traveling nurses decide that they simply won’t show up on to their assignment without notifying an employer. Obviously, this is a horrible idea, but for hospitals who rely on traveling nurses, you can be that guaranteed professional on the scene!

Of course, this means showing up for each shift on time, but it comes down to keeping your word. If you agree to take on more responsibilities or make commitments to team members, following through is everything. By building a reputation for trustworthiness, you’re setting yourself up for success every time!

3. Learning and Adapting

It’s no secret that traveling throughout the country means encountering unique facilities, each with their own workflows and preferred practices. Showing up to a new assignment, travel nurses can’t expect that a facility will cater to their preferences. Adapting to your new facility is both one of the most challenging yet exciting aspects of travel nursing! For nurses who fully engross themselves in their new facility’s way of doing things, they’ll not only impress employers but also gain new skills in the process.

Additionally, the opportunities for learning are available every step of the way! Whether you decide to take online courses while traveling or find a mentor during your assignment you can’t go wrong. Taking this heart only serves to make every new travel nursing job more productive and career-building! 

Technology is another huge aspect of the third of our top traits for travel nurses. When you encounter a new EHR system and it takes a bit of time to master, don’t fret! Part of being a life-long learner is acknowledging how you can improve and asking for help. Still, the more quickly you can learn facility-specific technologies the better chance you’ll have at impressing employers and bringing your career to the next level!

What are your recommendations for the top traits for travel nurses? Let us know in the comments below!

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