Top 5 Best Housing Sites for Travel Nurses to Find a Good Home

Top 5 Best Housing Sites for Travel Nurses to Find a Good Home

Travel nursing is a special profession where you get to take your nursing skills on the road! Travel nurses are adventurers and explorers. You aren’t afraid to get out of your comfort zone and work all over the country. Once you get a travel nurse position, a big question you will have is “where will I live?” It can be very stressful to secure housing for a new assignment. There are several different types of housing that travel nurses are able to choose between. Some companies provide housing for nurses, while others offer stipends. If you have a housing stipend from a company, or you’re responsible for securing your own housing, you might be overwhelmed. A great way for you to find housing is to explore housing sites for travel nurses online. We’ve compiled a list of 5 housing sites for travel nurses and how to use them!

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Top 5 Housing Sites for Travel Nurses


According to their website, Airbnb began in 2008 when the founders decided to host a few travelers. The site ensures that all of their hosts are verified and that all messaging takes place within the site in order to protect user and host safety. You can put in specific parameters on the website according to what you’re looking for. For example, if you just received an assignment in Dallas, Texas for three months, you can begin your search with the area of Dallas. Next, you can choose what type of accommodation you want. Airbnb is unique because different hosts offer different types of housing. If you want a single room and bathroom, an entire apartment, or an entire house, you can specify that. Airbnb is definitely one of the top housing sites for travel nurses.

If you’re looking for, you guessed it, an apartment, is right for you! Although the site does not have as many types of housing as Airbnb offers, there are several helpful search filters. You can filter by budget, bedrooms, housing types, lifestyle, and amenities. markets themselves as an apartment website, but they also offer townhouses and condos as housing options. The site does not support roommate listings or co-living, but the site’s researchers have found thousands of available listings that are very easy to access. also runs the sites and


VBRO is a very trusted housing site for travel nurses. The site offers short and long-term home, apartment, or condo options. VBRO is committed to user safety and comfort. They protect your payment against fraud and a “dedicated care team” to answer any and all of your questions. Also, if you arrive at your booking and find that it was misrepresented online, VBRO will help you to find new accommodations as quickly as possible. To use VBRO, you simply put in the destination, your arrival, and departure, and how many guests. There are several other search filters that make it easy to find the perfect accommodation for you. They even have an option for pets! If you’re a travel nurse with a pet, or without a pet, VBRO can be a very helpful site to use.

Furnished Finder is a website dedicated almost solely to travel nurses. The site allows you to under where you are going and your maximum monthly budget for rent, and then it populates available temporary housing that meets your criteria. You can search for hotels as well. You can also enter your info and put in a housing request if you’re not finding what you are looking for. The site features a blog and additional housing resources for travel nurses. is a unique housing site for travel nurses in that it compares different listings from different housing sites. You can put in your dates and location (they now offer flexible travel dates) and the site pulls potential rates from different housing sites. Think of as a kind of, but for temporary housing! The site compares rates from other sites like Airbnb, VBRO, and HomeAway. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop, be sure to visit Once you find a listing that you like on, you can book it directly through the site the listing is pulled from.

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If you were worried about the housing aspect of travel nursing, then worry no more! There are dozens of housing sites for travel nurses that are easy to navigate and provide great options. If you’re ready to explore more travel nursing opportunities, be sure to browse our job postings today.

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  1. I have a home to rent in Grass Valley, Ca. My home is 2.8 miles from Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. It’s a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, fully furnished home. I plan on traveling for 3 months~May 5th, 2020 to August 11th. My house would rent for $1,500 a month (according to ZIllow) tho If I was able to find someone to care for my little, indoor cat I would reduce rent by $300 a month. Utilities included, WiFi, 1 block from bus stop, and more.
    I would appreciate any info you can send me on how I would go about renting this home

  2. Hello Traveling Nurses. I have several apartments in NYC near Times Square for rent for traveling nurses. $75/night plus 1 time cleaning fee $95. Please see my website: or contact me at 917-806-1817.

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