Top 6 Best Housing Sites for Travel Nurses to Find a Good Home
Top 6 Best Housing Sites for Travel Nurses to Find a Good Home - Travel Nurse Source Blog

Top 6 Best Housing Sites for Travel Nurses to Find a Good Home

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Apartment for travel Nurse

Travel nursing is a special profession where you get to take your nursing skills on the road! Travel nurses are adventurers and explorers. You aren’t afraid to get out of your comfort zone and work all over the country.

Once you get a position, a big question you will have is, “Where do traveling nurses stay?” It can be very stressful to secure housing for a new assignment. There are several different types of housing that travel nurses are able to choose between.

When it comes to travel nurse living arrangements, some companies provide agency housing for nurses, while others offer stipends. If you have a housing stipend from a company or you’re responsible for securing your own housing, you might be overwhelmed.

A great way for you to find housing is to explore housing sites for travel nurses online. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best sites for travel nurse housing and how to use them!

Why Housing is Important

best sites for travel nurse housing

For travel nurses, the quality of their temporary home is much more than a roof over their heads. It’s a sanctuary where you can rest, recharge, and prepare for the demanding duties that await you in your new assignment. Suitable, affordable housing can greatly reduce the stress associated with frequent travel.

Having comfortable travel nurse housing ensures that nurses are well-rested, leading to better patient care. Also, housing that is conveniently located near the healthcare facility can save time and reduce daily commute stress. A well-equipped and homely environment can provide the necessary support system for adapting to a new community and workplace. This also avoids the extra housing costs a traditional property owner has.

Good housing is not just a matter of convenience for travel nurses. It’s a critical component of their overall job performance and mental health. Reliable, secure, and comfortable travel nurse housing translates into peace of mind that allows them to concentrate fully on their demanding roles.

Undue worry about personal living situations can be a significant distraction that may affect a nurse’s ability to provide optimal care. Also, the mental health benefits of having a private, restful space are greater.

Medical professionals can decompress after long shifts, reducing the risk of burnout and ensuring they remain sharp, focused, and committed to delivering the highest standard of patient care.


best sites for travel nurse housing, AIRBNB

According to their website, Airbnb began in 2008 when the founders decided to host a few travelers. The site ensures that all of its hosts are verified and that all messaging takes place within the site in order to protect user and host safety.

You can put specific parameters on the website according to what you’re looking for. For example, if you just received an assignment in San Diego, California, for three months, you can begin your search with the area of San Diego. Next, you can choose what type of accommodation you want.

Airbnb is unique because different hosts offer different types of suitable travel nurse housing. If you want a single, private room and bathroom, an entire apartment, or an entire house, you can specify that. Airbnb is definitely a top travel nurse housing site.

The versatility of AirBnB caters to the diverse preferences of travel nurses, whether they seek a cozy studio or a spacious house. One significant benefit of using AirBnB is the ability to find short-term housing in major cities in proximity to healthcare facilities.

Moreover, many hosts offer discounts for long-term stays, which can be economically advantageous for travel nurses. However, one potential drawback is the variability in rental experiences.

Since each property is uniquely managed, the quality and amenities can differ considerably. If you have doubts, you can get a free owner verification report from Furnished Finder.

Additionally, the process of frequently relocating and setting up new accommodations can be tiresome. Cancellation policies may not always favor the nurse’s often unpredictable schedule shifts.

best sites for travel nurse housing,

If you’re looking for, you guessed it, an apartment, is right for you! Although the site does not have as many types of housing as Airbnb offers, there are several helpful search filters.

You can filter by budget, bedrooms, housing types, lifestyle, and amenities. markets itself as an apartment website, but it also offers townhouses and condos as housing options.

The site does not support roommate listings or co-living, but the site’s researchers have found thousands of available listings that are very easy to access. also runs the sites and stands out with its comprehensive search functionality. It allows traveling professionals to find accommodations that meet specific criteria such as location, price range, and amenities. This can be incredibly useful for traveling nurses who have particular needs or preferences.

While this platform offers a vast array of properties, it tends to cater more to traditional renters than traveling healthcare professionals. This means travel nurses may find fewer options for short-term rentals, which are critical for their transient lifestyle.

Some listings on may require longer lease commitments than a travel nurse assignment. This could lead to less flexibility and potential financial burdens related to breaking lease agreements early.


best sites for travel nurse housing, VRBO

VRBO is a very trusted housing site for travel nurses. The site offers short and long-term home, apartment, or condo options. VRBO is committed to user safety and comfort.

They protect your security deposits against fraud and have a “dedicated care team” to answer any and all of your questions. Also, if you arrive at your booking and find that it was misrepresented online, VRBO will help you find travel nurse housing as quickly as possible.

To use VRBO, you simply put in the destination, your arrival and departure, and how many guests. There are several other search filters that make it easy to find the perfect accommodation for you. They even have an option for pets! If you’re a travel nurse with a pet or without a pet, VRBO can be a very helpful site to use.

The benefits of using VRBO for travel nurses are largely centered around the site’s inventory of vacation rentals, which typically come fully furnished, reducing the hassle of moving belongings for each new assignment. The homes found on VRBO often exude a more personal and homelike atmosphere, which can be a great comfort to nurses after a long shift.

Since these properties are meant for vacationers, they are often located in desirable or convenient areas.

On the downside, VRBO is geared towards vacationers. Availability may fluctuate with the seasons, which can pose challenges for travel nurses seeking furnished housing throughout the year.

There may be rising rental costs during peak tourist seasons. There may also be short-term housing requirements that could make it hard to find travel nurse housing.

Housing for Travel Nurse

Furnished Finder is a website dedicated almost solely to travel nurses trying to find housing. The site allows you to browse listings where you are going and your maximum monthly budget for rent, and then it populates available housing that meets your housing preferences.

You can search for hotels as well. You can also enter your info and put in a housing request if you’re not finding what you are looking for. The site features a blog and additional housing resources for travel nurses.

Travel nurses who use benefit from a platform tailored to their specific needs, offering a selection of professionally managed properties that ensure a consistent quality of living.

The convenience of fully furnished spaces allows for an easy transition between assignments. This makes it less of a burden for nurses to move. Each listing is geared towards longer-term stays, which aligns with the typical duration of travel nursing contracts.

However, the specialized nature of the service can mean a higher cost compared to other housing options that do not exclusively cater to professionals seeking furnished residences.

Additionally, the niche focus of may limit the overall number of choices available in a housing search. Especially in less populated areas where the demand for such specialized accommodations is lower, this may be the case.

Nurse searching for Travel Nurse housing is a unique housing site for medical professionals in that it compares different listings from different housing sites. You can put in your dates and location (they now offer flexible travel dates), and the site pulls potential rates from different housing sites. serves as a meta-search engine for travel nurses, aggregating listings from multiple vacation rental platforms, which can drastically expand the pool of potential rental housing.

Think of as a kind of, but for temporary housing! The site compares rates from other sites like Airbnb, VBRO, and HomeAway. If you are looking for a one-stop shop, be sure to visit Once you find a listing that you like on, you can book it directly through the site from which the listing is pulled.

This variety gives nurses the advantage of easily comparing prices and amenities across different sites to find the best match for their needs. However, this convenience can be a double-edged sword.

The overwhelming number of choices may complicate the decision-making process, leading to more time spent searching rather than securing travel nurse housing.

The reliance on other platforms means that issues such as inconsistent listing information or booking conflicts are out of’s direct control, which could potentially lead to unexpected challenges during the rental experience.


possible home for a travel nurse

Blueground is a provider of fully-equipped and furnished apartments around the world. Travel nurses, in particular, benefit from their services, as they offer value and flexibility that is hard to beat.

They provide 30-50% lower costs than other serviced apartment operators, a dedicated guest app with maintenance support, bill payment handling on demand, and flexible contracts ranging from a month to a month or longer.

Their apartments are also centrally located near major hospitals and medical facilities, so travel nurses can get to work quickly and safely.

Blueground’s selection of premium furnished apartments caters perfectly to travel nurses looking for comfort and ease during their monthly stays. With a focus on luxury accommodations, nurses can relax in a well-appointed living space that comes with all the amenities of a home, reducing the stress associated with frequent relocations.

Alternative Housing Options

modern housing for a travel nurse

Travel nurses encountering obstacles in securing suitable housing shouldn’t succumb to frustration or feel deterred, as the search is often filled with challenges like service fees, travel arrangements, hidden fees, or booking fees.

Alternative options, such as short-term rental property sublets through community connection apps or housing offered by hospitals specifically for medical staff, can unveil new opportunities.

In addition, leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the travel nursing community can yield unconventional solutions and insider tips on finding accommodations.

Remember, persistence in the search is key, and exploring these diverse avenues can lead to discovering the perfect living situation tailored to just what you need for your travel nurse lifestyle.

Bonus Websites:

nurse searching for the best sites for travel nurse housing

Extended Stay America

best sites for travel nurse housing, ESA

Extended Stay America is a great choice for travel nurses looking for short or long-term stays to match their next assignment. With over 600 hotels across the United States, ESA offers a comfortable, home-away-from-home experience.

Each room comes equipped with a full kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, stovetop, and cooking utensils, making it easy for travel nurses to prepare meals and save money on dining out. ESA also offers free Wi-Fi access, laundry facilities, and pet-friendly rooms.

best sites for travel nurse housing,

Travel nurses can use to find accommodations that fit their preferences and needs. The site has several search filters, including location, price range, property type, and amenities.

For example, if you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment in a walkable neighborhood, you can enter those specific search criteria.

How to Rent Your House to Traveling Nurses

how to rent out on the best sites for travel nurse housing

Maybe you are not a travel nurse but want to be involved in the community all the same. Renting out property is one way to do this. There are several ways to rent out your property to travel nurses. Renting out your home or apartment can be a great way to earn extra income while helping travel nurses find comfortable and convenient housing options. Here are a few tips on how to rent your property to travel nurses:

  1. Use a platform: One of the easiest ways to rent your property to travel nurses is to use a platform like Airbnb, VRBO, or Furnished Finder. These sites allow you to list your property and connect with potential renters. You can set your own rental rates and availability and communicate directly with renters to answer any questions.
  2. Work with a property manager: If you don’t have the time or expertise to manage your rental property yourself, you can work with a property manager. A property manager can handle all aspects of renting your property, including marketing and maintenance. You can also work with a company that specializes in corporate housing to connect with travel nurses.
  3. Network with local hospitals: Reach out to local hospitals and medical centers to let them know that you have a rental property available for travel nurses. They may be able to refer potential renters to you, especially if there is a high demand in your area.
  4. Advertise locally: Consider placing ads in local newspapers, on community bulletin boards, or on social media to promote your rental property. You can also work with a local real estate agent to help you find renters and manage your property.

When renting your property to travel nurses, it’s important to be upfront about your rental policies and expectations. Make sure that you have a rental agreement in place that outlines the terms of the rental, including rental rates, security deposit, and any rules or restrictions.

By providing a comfortable and accommodating rental experience, you can attract more travel nurses and earn a steady stream of rental income.

Tips for Securing Housing


For medical professionals anticipating a move, securing housing in advance is crucial and can be streamlined with a few best practices. Initially, consider the length of your assignment to determine the level of commitment to a rental agreement. Research the area to understand the local market.

Networking with other travel nurses, using online forums, and seeking recommendations can provide valuable insights. It’s important to engage with the landlord or property owner early, providing clear details about the expected duration of stay and professional requirements.

Always request to see a virtual tour or, if possible, visit the property in person to eliminate any surprises upon move-in. Clarifying all terms of the lease, including the possibility of extension, and documenting all communications helps to ensure a straightforward transition to new living arrangements. Depending on the place, ask about flexible cancellation policies, if there is a one-time cleaning fee, monthly rent, and other booking details.

Factors to Consider

possible apartment found on best sites for travel nurse housing

Safety is a paramount consideration for travel nurses when selecting housing. Your hours at your travel assignment could be at any hour of the day, which means that you could be commuting during early or late hours. A secure environment with well-lit parking areas, secure entrances, and, in some cases, on-site security can offer peace of mind in a new city.

Additionally, healthcare workers should consider the crime rates and general safety of the neighborhood where they’ll reside, as a tranquil environment contributes significantly to rest and recuperation after demanding shifts.

Proximity to medical facilities can play a crucial role in where you ultimately find housing as a travel nurse. Being close to the workplace reduces commute time, which is especially beneficial after a long 12-hour shift. It also allows for quicker response times in the case of an emergency recall.

On the other hand, amenities such as on-site laundry, a fitness center, or close proximity to public transportation can add convenience and enhance the overall living experience.

Finally, rental costs are a significant factor, as travel nurses must adhere to your housing stipend. Look for housing options that offer all-inclusive pricing to avoid the added stress of managing multiple bills, ensuring that you can comfortably afford your stay without financial strain.

Industry Trends

best sites for travel nurse housing passable home

The surge in demand for travel nurses has put pressure on the rental industry to adapt and become more accommodating to the unique needs of this workforce. Traditional lease terms are often incompatible with the transitory nature of travel nursing assignments, which typically last from a few weeks to several months.

As a response, many property management companies and rental platforms have begun offering more flexible lease agreements. These tailored options include shorter-term leases and easier lease termination policies, ensuring that travel nurses can secure housing without being tied down by long-term commitments or facing punitive fees for early termination.

Moreover, the rental market has seen an uptick in the availability of fully furnished units that cater specifically to healthcare professionals who may not have the time or desire to furnish a space for a temporary stay. These units usually come equipped with all the essentials, such as bed linens, kitchenware, and other day-to-day necessities, which are particularly appealing for travel nurses who need to move in and start their assignments immediately.

Some rental services also offer utility-inclusive pricing and high-speed internet—crucial amenities for healthcare professionals who need to research, study, or communicate with peers during their off-hours. This shift reflects the rental industry’s recognition of the economic opportunity that travel nurses represent and its commitment to serving this growing segment of the workforce with adaptable, hassle-free housing options.

Find Housing That You Love! Learn More here:

If you were worried about the housing aspect of travel nursing, then worry no more! There are dozens of housing sites for travel nurses that are easy to navigate and provide great options. If you’re ready to explore more travel nursing opportunities, be sure to browse our job postings today.

Author: Allie Barshinger

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  1. I have a home to rent in Grass Valley, Ca. My home is 2.8 miles from Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. It’s a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, fully furnished home. I plan on traveling for 3 months~May 5th, 2020 to August 11th. My house would rent for $1,500 a month (according to ZIllow) tho If I was able to find someone to care for my little, indoor cat I would reduce rent by $300 a month. Utilities included, WiFi, 1 block from bus stop, and more.
    I would appreciate any info you can send me on how I would go about renting this home

  2. I have a room for rent in Hollywood, CA. How and where can I get listed?

  3. I’m New at Travel Nurse. I really need Help. I had a very bad Assignment as well as Housing and Transportation. I had to travel back home.How can I find Suitable Housing. I’m Overwhelmed Please Help

  4. I have a nice group of furnished stylish apartments in the heart of Center City Philadelphia created for Travel Nurses. All near the major hospitals. I’m happy to help anyone looking in this City or nearby.

  5. I have a lovely room to rent in Colorado Springs/Monument CO – how do I list my information?

  6. I have housing in New Haven CT area, for all surrounding hospitals (Yale Hospital.

  7. Hey, Just want to say thanks for sharing this informative content about housing sites. I have been searching for information homes for sale near me and found it in here. Keep writing – it was really helpful!

  8. I have 2 rooms available in Temple, Texas near the large hospital Baylor Scott and White.

  9. I have a home in Temple, TX with 2 rooms available for short term rental. Very close to the large hospital Baylor Scott and White

  10. I have clean comfortable furnish rooms for rent in my home. Free parking on property which is located in Mt. Vernon, New York, on the border of Bronx. Easy access to public transportation and major hospitals, such as Montefiore, Jacobi, north central and others in Westchester and Bronx. I’m a health care worker in an area hospital.

  11. I am new to travel nursing and am looking for housing. I will be bringing 2 small dogs with me. I am finding it to be a challenge to find a place that accepts pets and does short term leasing. I will start in Bridgeport WV on 2/14/22. Any advice?
    -Thanks, Ashley

  12. I am looking for a 1 bedroom home or studio to rent in Bozeman, MT for most of 2022. I am an LPN and work in the local Nursing Home in Bozeman as a Travel Nurse. I would be looking to move in around April 1, 2022.

  13. I have a charming one-bedroom apartment on the beach in San Diego, CA that is surprisingly affordable. It’s perfect for a traveling nurse or a traveling professional in any field. In fact, I now have August 6 to September 3 available. Please get in touch if you’re interested right away.

  14. I have a furnished private bedroom, private sitting room and private bathroom in Rocklin, CA. Beautiful house with an amazing backyard, easy access to walking trails.
    [email protected]

  15. We have a lovely 2 Bedroom furnished basement unit, renovation completed November 2021. Located in Snellville, GA. Unit include kitchen, complete with utensils and dishes, washer and dryer, 2 bedrooms furnished with double beds, 1 rooms has a desk and chair for those who wish to work from home. Wifi incl. This unit is ideally suited for travelling professionals in any field. Available August 15, 2022.

  16. I have 4 furnished rooms to rent in Hayden Idaho about 5 miles from Kootenai Health.

  17. I have a furnished bedroom in a two bedroom single family home in Union City, CA with front and back yard with beautiful flowers. close to shopping malls, park, trails, bart station and bus stop. 20 miles away from Stanford University and San Francisco. The house will be shared by two guests. Right now i have one female nurse living in one of the rooms.

  18. Nice clean house!

  19. I have a nice 3 bedroom home close to Hilliard/Columbus, Ohio. 2 bedrooms avail/private or share bathroom , close to 270/70 and street parking.

  20. There is definately a gr??t de?l to know
    about this subject. ? really like all of the
    points you’ve made.

  21. I have a detached one-bedroom house in a affluent neighborhood in the city of Upland. Large walk-in closet, full kitchen, stacked washer/dryer in house. Own driveway, No garage. 4 miles from San Antonio Regional Hospital. 9.9 miles from Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. 2.3 miles from a major shopping center at the 210 fwy. Unit is available January 1st.
    $2,500.00 a month includes utilities.
    [email protected]

  22. Hello Travelers! I have a room with a full private bath, available for rent in Carmichael, Ca. Both the house and neighborhood are safe, quiet and and well-kept. Wi-Fi, utilities, W/D use and free parking are all included. I am close to several hospitals, including:
    Mercy San Juan(3m), Kaiser Roseville(11mi), UC Davis Medical Center(8mi), Kaiser Morse(4mi), Sutter Roseville (11 mi) and Kaiser South Sacramento((11mi). Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    Thank you,


  23. Hello Traveling Nurses ! I have a room with a full private bath, available for rent in Kirkland, WA Both the house and neighborhood are safe, quiet and and well-kept. Wi-Fi, utilities, W/D use and free parking are all included. I am close to several hospitals, including: EvergreenHealth (1 mi), Kaiser Bellevue (8 mi), Overlake (8mi), UWMC on bus line (14 mi), z Swedish Redmond (9 mi), Harborview (18 mi) & many more. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
    Thank you,
    Kelly Stevens

  24. I have a furnished room with twin beds in a quiet residential neighborhood, 3 blocks from Pt Loma Nazarene University in San Diego for a traveling nurse, prefer female as I am a widow. Bath is mostly private, seldom used by guests, next door to room. All amenities available. Have a small friendly female dog, 15 lbs.

  25. Hello, travel nurses! I have a room for rent in my apartment. All utilities included. It’s a walking distance from General and Saint Luke’s Hospitals, in San Francisco, and close to transportation (walking distance to Bart), Muni, as well as to restaurants, supermarkets, etc. The apartment is very bright and clean. Street parking. Available imediately. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested.
    Thank you,

    Debora Thomas

  26. I am searching for an ground level apt short term month to month in the area of Madisonville TN or Maryville TN. Clean of course is a must have.

    Thank you

  27. I have a furnished bedroom in a quiet and friendly all-female home in Encinitas California. Please contact me if you are interested.

  28. T&N Connections is dynamic sister duo specializing in helping you stay connected in your home away from home –wherever you go. Providing you with you with a luxurious and comfortable relaxing vibe while you travel to “home away from home”. Our goal is to provide a safe and convenient location for work professionals and/or leisure travelers. We are located in Mass. (South Shore) and only minutes away from several hospitals. If interested, were available on AirBNB, VRBO, and now

    We look forward to hosting your next stay.

  29. Hi Traveling Nurses! I have a property called “Suburban Sweet Spot”! Centrally Located to Richmond, Virginia. Close to major hospitals, Route 288, Powhite Parkway, 95, 64 and right off Hull Street. Designer Updates with Private Room in 2 Story Home, Quiet Neighborhood nestled on 1 Acre with garden, deck, grill and deck furniture. Original owner and recently remodeled. You’ll have Access to the upstairs washer, dryer, kitchen, stove/oven, dishwasher and your very own refrigerator! Many locations close by to food shop including Publix, Aldi, Kroger, Food Lion and more. Close to Pocahontas State Park for biking, trail riding, music events. Also close to downtown for activities, shopping, gyms, local restaurants, vineyards and local breweries! ! It’s a wonderful walking and jogging neighborhood too!

  30. Hello travel nurses I have two private furnished rooms with private bathrooms in a house that is rented to nurses only in fort myers Florida

  31. Scottsdale, Arizona
    Hello traveling nurses and thank you for your indispensable services!
    I am the owner of a fully remodeled and furnished (including all small appliances and everyday needs) 2 bedroom/2bathroom unit in Scottsdale, AZ. Amenities: gated community, designated covered parking space/multiple visitor parking spaces, 2 pools, complete gym with 2 floors, grilling area and more. Paid utilities: electricity, gas, water, Wi-Fi. Walking distance from Whole Foods and many restaurants/stores. The Mayo Clinic Hospital on Mayo Blvd. is less than 6 miles away by car. Available now until February 2024. HOA Rules: rental for 3 or more months is a must, maximum 3 adults or 2 adults and 1 child. No pets allowed (pets can visit, but not stay). The unit is managed by Nexxus: (602) 529-2629 (you can send a text) or email: [email protected]. The unit is listed on their website, but pics are not updated with all renovations.

  32. I have 2 rooms available for rent to traveling nurses. This house is in League City, Texas a suburb in the south of Houston. Both rooms are fully furnished with linens included. This home has been recently updated in a quiet and safe neighborhood. Hospitals in the area, include: MD Anderson cancer Center, UTMB Health League City Campus Hospital & Clinics, Houston Methodist Clear Lake Hospital, Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital, Memorial Hermann Pearland Hospital, and many more. Minutes away from I-45.

  33. Hello traveling nurses! I have a private room + half bathroom in beautiful Santa Paula, CA that is close hospitals located in Ventura County. Close to the beach.

  34. I have furnished bedrooms available for rent in the Miami beach area.

  35. LUXURY bedrooms in Miami Beach Florida. Fully furnished , ready to move in. All utilities included. Internet, pool , gym, hot tube. many attractions in the area.
    Rotation Nurses welcome.

  36. I am open to renting out a room in my home to traveling nurses. I live in a highly coveted neighborhood in Dallas, TX.

  37. I have a lovely downstairs room w/ living room space. Remodeled, very updated clean & fresh. How can I list? Near Ohare Airport, trains & hospitals. Addison, IL.

  38. 3bdrm, 1 1/2 bath, large 1 car garage. W/D, internet, W/S and trash included. Completely renovated and furnished. Very quiet large yard with a wonderful view. Elizabethtown PA. Close to Hershey and Lancaster. 2300.00 /month

  39. I have a lovely home in Old Town Louisville, CO. The home is a two bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a beautiful garden. Easy walking distance to Old Town Louisville. The hospitals near by are Centura Avista Adventist Hospital, Kaiser, Good Samaritan Medical Center, UC Health Broomfield, Boulder Community Hospital Foothills.

  40. We accept Pets!!!! My husband and I have a fully furnished 1 bedroom walk out basement apartment for Nurses! We live in Ozark Mo and we are about 10-15 min from Cox South and then about 15-20 minutes to Mercy Hospital.. We have a small dog boarding kennel on site, so we can help with you furry friend. But don’t worry we have 3 acres and you should not be bothered by the dogs at all. Please email with any questions THANK YOU!!

  41. Hello Nurses,
    I am a retired teacher who maintains a new home in Colorado Springs, Co. 80124
    The whole house is for rent. It is three years old and newly furnished. Beds are comfortable. It has three furnished bedrooms, 1 king, 2 queen. King main level, queens lower level. It is in the Briargate, Wolf Ranch area with a lake nearby with walking path around it. Close to any kind of shopping. It is 2.0 miles from St. Francis Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Air Force Hospital, Evans Army Hospital. Also a bit farther is UC Health Memorial, and Centura Penrose Hospital. It is in a very desirable location , close to health clubs, and the YMCA. VRBO#2292760 but you do not need to book through this website.

  42. How do I list my houses with this group? I have property in San Diego.

  43. I am seeking a traveling nurse, for a short-term fully furnished 1 bedroom apartment in a 3 bedroom single family home on the Northeast side of San Antonio, TX. Bathed in natural light this quaint cottage-style home is invitingly spacious to enjoy a sense of peace and tranquility throughout. Lots of amenities and essentials. Must see to appreciate.
    I will be traveling often and need someone there so home is not vacant while I am away. Close to most major healthcare facilities i.e. Methodist Northeast, Baptist, San Antonio NE Vet Center, and more. Home is also Pet Friendly with a big backyard.
    *Off-street Parking
    *Neighborhood has a park
    *Close to Comanche Hiking/Trail
    *Plenty of Shopping, Restaurants

  44. Our rental is perfect for traveling nurses. We are located in the city or Orange in sunny California. Our property is walking distance to Choc Hospital, St. Joseph, UCI, Chapman Global Hospital. We are close to the Angel Stadium, Honda Center, Biking Trails and Disneyland. Walk to restaurants, malls and coffee shops. Room has private entrance and bathroom with an outdoor kitchen.

  45. I have a great small house in Pacific Beach/ San Diego, CA. Would love to get it as a nurse favorite. Find me through THINK therapy center website in SD, CA

  46. I have a room with private bath and entrance in my home for rent, in Fort Myers Fl. Pets may be considered, depending on the pet type, size and records. There is a small dog already in my home. Parking, wifi $1000.00 per month, all included.

  47. I have a home in Cripple Creek that I am renting month to month to nurses. Tony Cross . 3 bedrooms. furnished. jacuzzi tub in bathroom

  48. As someone who’s a bit apprehensive about traveling, your blog gives me the confidence and motivation to step out and explore. Thanks for that.

  49. Good Day Travelers!
    Come to paradise, NAPLES, FLORIDA!!
    Two major hospitals NCH and Physicians Regional both nearby. I own a condo, live by myself and have a second (Master) bdrm, with private ensuite bathroom. Fully furnished, including all linens, towels, huge walk-in closet, use of the entire condo including a private screened in porch. $800/month includes everything.

  50. I have a furnished 2150 sq. ft. home in San Tan Valley, AZ. Private fenced in yard for relaxation and near a community pool and pickle ball. Enjoy the journey.

  51. In the Salt Lake City, Utah area we are a Coroporate Accomondation Company, We would love to have any Medical Professional use our serices. Short Term or Mid Term. Teamup Nurses and stay with us.

  52. have room to rent with full house use must be single pool walk in tub no pets have cat

  53. YOU WON’T WANT TO LEAVE THIS HOME! ~ I have room(s) with run of the house in a private, gated, elegant, ADA single living level home with enclosed garage parking and breathtaking panoramic views, in an exclusive protected neighborhood of well-established Tulsans heart of South Tulsa w/hospitals nearby — perfect for professionals! I listed it on Furnished Finder – Just click on “Room” for property type. You’ll see “WELCOME TO PEONY HEIGHTS” as the featured photo and see all it has to offer you for a great stay. I’m there only part time – however, I’d love to welcome you as my guest!

  54. I have a resort like 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in Phoenix/Scottsdale area. All new carpet and furniture. Pools, fitness centers, community room, 24 hour gated security and walking distance to many restaurants and shopping. 1.5 miles from Mayo Clinic. Two underground parking spaces. Thanks!

  55. For the North Little Rock, Arkansas area: Cozy & convenient Bedroom & private bath is available for rent in my single story home. Kitchen, laundry, off street parking, fully furnished with Queen bed, WIFI, utilities included. Quite, walkable neighborhood near shopping, restaurants and several medical facilities. $750/mo. Contact me for photos and with any questions.

  56. Louisville Kentucky
    My wife and I have her child home completely remodeled and with all the comforts of home. 3 bedroom 1 bath completely fences in backyard backed up to a park for walking your pet or a morning run.

  57. Louisville Kentucky
    Cozy 3BR/1BA Home fully furnished with all the comforts of home, this is my childhood home that has been completely remodeled , you will fill the coziness as soon as you step into to this Kentucky home. The home can be seen on furnished finder property id# 438717 or you can call or text me I live 15 minutes away from property, and I will guarantee you will not be waiting for any response. We are prompt and courteous, if needed. 502-224-6565 Rita

  58. Hello all nurse’s or other healthcare professionals that are looking to rent a place on a travel assignments. I have a 3bd, 2 ba home with a pool on the outskirts of Phoenix, AZ. Between several major hospitals. Access to whole house! Will be available within the 30-45 days. If interested, please email me ar 623-523-9679.


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