Life as An Older Travel Nurse

Are you an older or retired nurse looking for part-time employment and a TON of fun? Well, you may have stumbled upon some great advice here. Being a travel nurse in your later years may seem like an odd choice but there are actually some great opportunities available to you as an older travel nurse. And before you say you’re too old, there are many nurses pushing the limits of retirement and even taking up part-time jobs after they leave the hospital.

If you love adventure and aren’t quite ready to settle down completely, life as an older travel nurse might just be for you. And here’s why:

Life as an Older Travel Nurse

Do it During Retirement

Maybe you retired early or you retired because you needed a change. Travel nursing offers great opportunities for part-time work. Your kids are likely grown and out of the house, and there is no one to look after but yourself. Take an assignment every few months and allow yourself a few months off. You and your spouse will be able to enjoy retirement together, travel, and have some extra cash laying around for fun.

What is great about travel nursing is that it is based on your own wants and needs. You work with an agency to find the assignment and best contract meant for you. Traveling as an older travel nurse doesn’t mean you have to go backpacking through mountains either. You can go as extreme or simple as you want. If you have always looked forward to the joys of vacation during retirement but aren’t quite ready to completely give up the job you love, give this a try. And if it’s not for you, no harm no foul.

Do it for Your Family

If you’re an older travel nurse, you may have the opportunity to visit with family more. If you have grown children or even grown children with their own families, this is a great opportunity to see them more often. Perhaps they moved several states (or worse) across the country. Maybe they’ve just had a grandchild you want to help out with and visit. Take a travel nurse assignment that lets you be close to them.

You’ll also have the opportunity to share your experiences with them. As you get older finding ways to connect with your children and grandchildren can be tough. During your travels, take TONS of pictures and even try writing down some of your stories. Your family will love to see and hear all about what your job as an older travel nurse is like. And, you’ll have a bunch of ideas on where to take them for family vacations. Really, it’s a win-win for the whole family.

Do it Because You Can

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or have always wanted to but never had the chance, travel nursing gives you the opportunity to travel all over the country. Depending on the season or even personal tastes, there is definitely a place for you. And although we won’t ask your exact age (that’s just plain rude), if you’re a member of AARP and refer to yourself as a senior citizen, there are discounts involved. Many airlines offer senior citizen discounts when you book your flight.

With an experienced career under your belt, chances are you’ve already saved up enough money to not worry (too much) about expenses on excursions or special occasions. Perhaps on a travel assignment in Maryland, you want to visit the Ocean City Board Walk or hop down to Disney for a day during your assignment in Florida (no one is ever too old for Disneyworld). Even if it is your first assignment, as long as you pick the right one and have a great contract, you’re sure to do a find job as an older travel nurse throughout the United States. Good luck and save travels!

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  1. I traveled for nine yrs and loved it! I’m thinking about trying it again! I was a hospice case manager in my last assignments and loved it!

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