How Nursing Scholarships Are Judged

It’s no secret that next to the NFL and the Olympics, snagging nursing scholarships are one of the most competitive pastimes around. Okay, so maybe they’re not that intense, but it’s still important to take your nursing scholarship endeavor seriously. While we’ve already covered some tips for making that scholarship essay stand out, it’s time to take a different approach by trying to get inside the minds of those who will be reviewing your application and essay. If you know what these judges are looking for, you’ll be able to increase your chances of snagging that nursing scholarship.

Judging Nursing Scholarships

The Basics

One of the most important things to consider is whether or not you’ve met all the basic requirements. Make sure that you meet all the requirements. Many scholarships will be designated by gender, race, location, and career among other things, so make sure you fall under the correct categories when it comes to your scholarship application.

It’s also important that you’ve provided all the necessary paperwork. Transcripts and a copy of your birth certificate are among some of the documents that may be required during the application process. Google your name and make sure you have a professional online profile. Use a professional email address, such as Clean up the content of your Facebook account, such as removing inappropriate and immature material. Once again, make sure that you thoroughly go over the application to ensure that you’ve provided all of the correct and necessary information.


Another major attribute that many scholarship winners have is their attention to detail. Organization is a great way to show the nursing scholarship judges that you are dedicated and willing to go the extra mile when applying for your scholarship. Make sure that your application is written or typed neatly and it’s often recommended that you include a cover letter with your essay. Make sure that you’re following all the formatting guidelines as well. Unfortunately, many applicants will write an exceptional essay but will be disqualified for not having the correct formatting. It’s very important that your grammar and spelling are correct, so check and double-check all of your essays. Do not rely on the spelling correction software built into your computer’s word processing software, instead, have some of your peers proofread your essay to ensure that there are no glaring spelling or grammatical errors.

Set Yourself Apart

You’ve probably heard it a million times that you need to set yourself apart from the rest of your competitors, but it really is true. It’s important that you write an essay that is both informative but also shows your personality. The nursing scholarship judges will often read hundreds, if not thousands of essays, so they’re looking for someone who is willing to go above and beyond. If you can, incorporate a personal aspect into your essay so they know an actual person with dreams and aspirations wrote the essay. This is your chance to show off your personality and writing style so you can lock down those nursing scholarships. It’s time that you showcase all that you have to offer to the nursing industry, and you can do that by providing a stellar nursing scholarship application.

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