Nursing Student Scholarship Mistakes: What Not to Do

There are plenty of nursing scholarships out there, and if you want to get extra funds to pay for nursing school, you’re probably planning to buckle down and apply to as many scholarships as you possibly can. While more is typically better, it is important to remember to have a thoughtful process and be intentional in the nursing student scholarships that you apply for. Sending out a bunch of applications will be useless if you’re not putting some thought behind each application, from the information you provide to the quality of the essay that you write. Make sure that while you’re on the hunt for scholarships that you don’t make these nursing student scholarship mistakes.

7 Common Nursing Student Scholarship Mistakes

Here are the seven most common nursing student scholarship mistakes that students make in general when applying for nursing scholarships.

1. Not having a plan in place

Nursing student scholarship mistakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The first and most detrimental nursing student scholarship mistake is not having a plan in place. Just because there is money available, doesn’t mean you should waste your time applying for the nursing student scholarship. For example, research what local groups are offering scholarships for nursing students. Although these dollar amounts may be smaller, they can add up and your competition is usually less. Next, find scholarships that are specific to your major and make sure that you find at least two or more high-dollar scholarships to apply to. Being intentional with your applications will help you to not burn out. Plus, you’re more likely to make nursing student scholarship mistakes if you apply to every scholarship in sight because let’s face it – you’re going to get sick of doing it! Focus on those scholarships you have a better chance of achieving and then go from there.

2. Having someone else do your work

Another common nursing student scholarship mistake is having someone else do the work for you. Whether it’s your parents or you are considering paying someone to do it, just don’t. Instead, it is best to do the entire process on your own so that if you do get offered an interview for the scholarship, you know everything that was provided in the application and don’t get blind-sided. It’s also the only sure way to make sure that your application accurately reflects you, your skillset, and your intentions.

3. Reusing essays from old applications

Although it’s easy to copy and paste previous essays and swap out the specific details – this is a terrible idea. You should think of something specific and personal to add to each nursing scholarship essay so that yours stands out. People who are judging nursing student scholarships can most likely tell when someone has put some thought into their words and when they’re being generic. Also, it’s important to understand how nursing scholarships are judged. Plus, each nursing scholarship requirements are different- so it’s important to write a new nursing scholarship essay for each scholarship you apply to.

4. Sending the email without proofing it

Don’t send your nursing scholarship email in a hurry. Applying for nursing student scholarships is a tedious task, but no matter how sick and tired you are of working on an application, the worst thing you can do is to hurriedly send it in without rereading everything. Stand up, stretch, go for a walk to clear your head, and then reread the application and your email. Don’t send something with grammatical errors, or worse, forget an attachment. This may seem small, but this is one of the most common nursing student scholarship mistakes to make!

5. Paying for the scholarship

It’s safe to assume that if you have to spend money to apply for a scholarship, it’s most likely a scam. The phrase, “you have to spend money to make money” does not apply to scholarship applications. Avoid applying to nursing student scholarships that require you to submit a payment.

6. Procrastinating until the last minute

Sure, many of us work well under pressure and if you’re anything like me, you’re really good at finding anything else to do other than what you have to do. Yet, when it comes to important things in life like scholarship money, procrastinating is the worst nursing student scholarship mistake you can make. The faster someone receives your application the better because it shows you have initiative and it’s important to you. Plus, when you do something in a rush, you’re more likely to miss details or run out of time to complete everything that is required.

7. Not having any professional recommendations

If there’s anyone in your life who can give you a professional recommendation for your nursing student scholarship – then, ask them to write you one! Having someone else’s words to validate or back up the information you’ve already provided about yourself could be key in winning some money. Recommendations are essential and a great way to stand out from other nursing student scholarship applications!

So, there you have it. The 7 most common nursing student scholarship mistakes. Know of others? Let us know in the comments listed below!

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