Overcoming New Nursing Job Fear

It’s no secret that many of us are often resistant to change, especially when it comes our careers. However, a change of scenery in your profession might be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s because of the location, work environment, or unbearable boss, it might be time to look for a new travel nurse assignment. Unfortunately, many will stay at a job they don’t enjoy simply because they are afraid of the change that a new assignment can bring. But, overcoming this new nursing job is vital, and taking this leap of faith can often lead to new and exciting adventures. It’s time to finally conquer that new nursing job fear.

New Nursing Job Fear

The Job Hunt

One of the biggest new nursing job fears that many will be faced with is simply looking for a new job. For years it’s been engrained in our minds that the volatile job market should make you want to hang onto the same job as tightly as you can. However, more and more studies are showing that the job market is trending upwards, so it’s important that your job outlook does not intimidate you. Luckily, there are plenty of job boards like Travel Nurse Source that will ensure that you’re matched up with the best possible travel assignment. Let us guide you towards a new assignment that’s both exciting and rewarding.

The Price

Another issue that many will face is making sure that they can continue to live comfortably with their new job. While it is okay to take a pay cut if it means you’ll be happier, make sure you can still live comfortably and without financial stress. Using a recruiter will allow them to narrow down the jobs that will pay you what you’re looking for. Nursing salaries can vary depending on location and experience, so make sure that you’re doing your research. In many cases, you might find an assignment that not only allows you to explore a new place but pays significantly better. Nursing job fears like these can be combatted with a little research and confidence to take a new path.

Being the “New Kid”

We’ve all had that fear, the one that takes you back to elementary school where you’re deemed “the new kid.” It’s never fun being the new person in the building, and sadly this is a serious issue that many nurses face, and unfortunately, it will keep many from taking up a new position.

It’s important to know that both recruiters and your coworkers will strive to get you acclimated. Luckily, travel nurses will start each job with an orientation and a recruiter that has their back. Many facilities also assign short-term mentors to help you get acclimated. Plus, learning new best practices from new colleagues is one of the best parts about travel nursing. Remember that everyone working there has been the new person at some point, so don’t stress!

Moving to a New City

Another new nursing job fear that many travel nurses will face is the fear of moving into another new city. Leaving behind friends and family can be tough, but remember that it’s only for a set period of time, and most likely you’ve been on a travel assignment before. Just remember to pack your essentials, including a little piece of home to ensure that you can make the transition comfortably.

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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