The Healthcare Bedrock Is Crumbling. Time to Wake Up!

I read this statement in an article in the Victoria Advocate, a newspaper in Victoria, TX:
According to industry experts, the frontline of the U.S. health care system is crumbling.

“Nurses, the primary caregivers for the millions of Americans who seek treatment every year, are among the most dissatisfied of all professions, and an alarming number are expressing their frustration by leaving their employers and even their profession altogether,” said Doris Young, Ph.D and a 30-year registered nurse.

Young is the author of “Save the First Dance for You: The Complete Nurse Guide to Serving Your Profession, Your Patients and Yourself.

“The nursing shortage is approaching crisis levels and it’s going to get worse if changes are not made,” she said, estimating that one in five U.S. nurses will quit in coming years.

Sometimes I think that we will wake up and ask, “Hey, where are all the nurses?” The combination of retiring nurses, lack of new nurses (due to lack of qualified instructors) and the avalanche of elderly from the baby boomers is going to stress the health care system to the point of collapse.

When will we realize the value of the professions upon which a stable society is built? Pay teachers and nurses what they are worth and treat them like the critical resources that they are and maybe more will enter the profession…and less will leave it!

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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