The Law Of Attraction In Action

Hospitals in Nevada are addressing the nursing shortage by attempting to upgrade their status to that of “Magnet Hospital.” The designation, presented by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, recognizes achievements by hospitals for key criteria relative to the treatment of nurses and the professionalism of care. Hospitals must present thorough documentation that indicates that they have met key standards including the professional development of nurses and inclusion in the decision making process.

Attaining Magnet status is a major achievement and has only been attained by 4% of the hospitals in this country. But more and more hospitals are recognizing the value of seeking and gaining the recognition as a Magnet Hospital because of the ability to attract and retain quality nurses.

The full write up is available here.

Implementing changes that create a more positive environment for nurses and leading to better care are commendable. One of the consequences of this approach is that while the good hospitals benefit by keeping nurses on board, it really doesn’t bring new nurses into the system. I’m all for improving the lot of under appreciated nurses but lets not kid ourselves that doing what should be done anyway is addressing the bigger issue of too few nurses overall.

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  1. Lets ope that we can use the law of attraction to attract many more nurses as they do an unbelievable job and I believe they do not get the credit they deserve. Thankyou to all the nurses in the world, we couldn’t do it without you.


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