Thinking Pink: How Nurses Can Celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Whether on Wednesdays you wear pink or if you adorn it as much as you can, October is the time that pink is in full display as we work in the national campaign to increase awareness of breast cancer. Sure, we all seem to have a general idea about the disease. However, we don’t always know the proper precautions to prevent the disease and we don’t always stop to encourage others to do the same.

There are a few ways you can help besides buying those super cute pink scrubs and other items where small proceeds go to helping the cause. There are some better ways to raise money to help the National Breast Cancer Foundation. By becoming a catalyst for hope you can bring the warm messages without even needing to leave your house. With virtual opportunities, there’s ample ways to support the breast cancer early detection movement. An added bonus, it’s a fun way to make yourself feel all warm and fuzzy inside as the weather starts to cool down this fall.

breast cancer awareness month

Here are a few things you can do to spread the awareness, help the cause, and to get involved:


The National Breast Cancer Foundation is promoting a virtual race allowing participants to flexibly do the race in the style they want, wherever and whenever they choose. For busy nurses, this type of fundraiser can work around even the most hectic schedule. Here’s how it works:

1. Register: You can make your very own VRace Fundraising page here.

2. Fundraise: Bring in funds that can contribute to early survival rate for women struggling with breast cancer.

3. Race: Here’s where the actual virtual racing comes in. You can do the acitivty of your choice from walking your doggy to biking or jogging and use your favorite GPS tracking app to keep track of your movement.

4. Share on social media: Head online to promote your awesome progress with photos, victory stories, and more on the channels of your choice.

 Host an Event

Whatever your poison of choice be a bowling tournament, a party, a restaurant fundraiser, concert or wine tasting; support breast cancer awareness with a fun event. Check out all the frequently asked questions about hosting a NBCF event.

Or, find an event here

Create an Online Fundraiser

Create a personal donation page where you can post personalized social media challenges, office festivities, birthdays, etc. to bring money in for NBCF.

Become a Brand Ambassador

You can use the NBCF name and logo in conjunction with fundraising and marketing. However, you should note that all the printed materials need to be approved. You can send drafts to them at Head here to learn more information.


You can volunteer your time as an advocate for hope by spreading the message of early detection as a Virtual Volunteer.

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