Daytripping Tips for Travel Nurses

Many healthcare professionals decide to pursue a career as a travel nurse to experience a wider world and see incredible sites while helping people and earning a living. The possible destinations for a travel nurse are limitless, but no matter where you end up, you can make lifelong memories exploring new places and experiences.

Doable Day Trips

Once you get settled in your temporary town, give yourself a week or two to settle in to your new schedule. Travel nurse positions may require some evening or weekend shifts, but once you know your set shifts, you can start making plans to get out and explore. Start with small, doable day trips so you don’t wear yourself out; you can always tack on a longer “staycation” at the end of your assignment.

Some great day trips to do solo or with your new colleagues may include:

  • Museum Day. Scope out a few good museums and lose yourself in the art, history, and culture of your new surroundings.
  • Local Lunch. Take a trip off the beaten path and ask some locals for the best eats in town. After you’ve tucked in to some authentic cuisine, ask your server about some of their favorite things to do in town. Forgetting the guidebook and chatting with friendly residents can lead you to discover some real hidden gems!
  • Market Meander. Does your new destination have an outdoor market? Perfect! This is a great place to wander and get a feel for what makes your temporary town unique. Pick up some souvenirs, sample some tasty treats, or just stroll and sample the Saturday vibe.

Safety First

When taking trips around town solo, be sure to always let someone know of your whereabouts, and stay aware of your surroundings at all times. And while it’s great to go with the flow, be sure to have a map and a fully charged cell phone on hand, just in case you get turned around. Wear comfortable shoes, stay hydrated, and enjoy!

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