Travel Nurses Causing Nursing Shortage?

I guess that it is possible to draw an illogical conclusion from almost any set of facts. Apparently, the nursing shortage, which is approaching crisis levels in many places, is causing many medical facilities to rely more on travel nurses to address the shortage.

Well, of course. We all know that.

But if you follow that concept to its (il)logical conclusion, as contributors to this article in a San Diego newspaper have, then the more nurses that become travel nurses, the fewer nurses available to fill the permanent positions, which increases the dependency on travel nurses, which further depletes the available pool of full-time nurses which requires more travel nurses, and so on and so on…

That means that at some point in time, all nurses will be travel nurses and no nurses will be permanent which means that every working nurse will be from someplace else other than where they are working.

Who’s going to be able to tell the new nurses where to find a decent hairstylist?

Read about the problems that travel nurses are causing here.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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