Travel Nursing as an Introvert

Nurses come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. When it comes to the travel nursing lifestyle, some thrive more than others. The prospect of hopping around the country for unique, refreshing experiences excites many and for good reason! With the right know-how and preparation, travel nursing jobs make great careers — even for people generally more reserved and introverted. Here we’ll discuss travel nursing as an introvert and how those “quiet-types” can make the most out of the profession!

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travel nursing as an introvert

In most cases, people think of nurses as gregarious, people-focused and energetic social butterflies. While many do indeed fit this stereotype, not everyone falls into this category. In recent decades, society has come to acknowledge introverted individuals as valuable counterparts to people inclined to enjoy crowds, strangers, and constant interactions. Believe it or not, the American Psychiatric Association actually considered classifying “introverted personality” as a disorder in the DSM-5. Now, we’re much more aware of how introverts actually excel in many areas both personally and professionally — particularly when it comes to travel nursing!

Travel Nursing as an Introvert | Quick Tips

1. Acknowledge Your Temperament

Travel nursing creates new experiences and introduces you to new people. More so than a stationary nursing job, you’ll be tasked with learning the layouts of new facilities and working with a fresh team every several months. For an introvert, that can be quite a challenge! This makes it important to acknowledge your temperament before you can use it to your advantage. Realizing that you require alone time or that you’re quick to listen and slow to speak really pays off at the right moments. Really, it comes down to acknowledging your introversion and generating awareness so you can work within your strengths.

2. Master Your Skill Set

In addition to knowing all you can about the industry, travel nursing as an introvert means fully realizing your unique skill set. Considering that introverts are more inclined to observe, maintain a sense of calm, and work as part of a team, developing your nursing style often follows as a result. Nurses frequently encounter stressful situations and crises. As a patient, you want the right blend of go-getters and team players on staff at any given moment. Travel nursing as an introvert provides opportunities to supplement a team in ways that aren’t always obvious but certainly felt.

travel nursing as an introvert

3. Exit Your Comfort Zone When Needed

Of course, there comes a time when the “quiet-types” need to turn up the volume a bit. Knowing your introversion, a sudden burst of assertiveness or initiative often impresses others. If you’ve observed from a patient others seem to have missed, speaking up is your opportunity to exercise your unique value as an introvert. Maybe dealing with large crowds or networking events will never be something you enjoy, but it’s critical to pinpoint opportunities when they present themselves. Travel nursing as an introvert is really one long exercise in exiting your comfort zone, although you’ll grow in ways you never imagined!

Remember that at the end of the day, you will likely need to “recharge your batteries.” Don’t feel guilty if you deny phone calls or happy hour drinks — take the time needed to stay fresh and focused. When it comes to travel nursing as an introvert, there are plenty of unique challenges that will test your tendencies. Just be aware that you don’t need to make excuses for keeping to yourself, but know when it’s time to bring the heat!

Do you have experience travel nursing as an introvert? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share this with the “quiet-types” in your life!

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