How to Land a Job Travel Nursing in Florida

White sandy beaches. Palm trees. Clear Gulf waters. Seafood restaurants. World famous amusement parks. Florida is notorious for its tropical beauty and having more sunny days than not. When snow and cold winds plague the Midwest and the north, many look longingly toward that southern point of escape. Travel nurses are no exception. More nurses browsing for jobs on are licensed in the state of Florida than in any other state, according to our data. Florida is also the second most popular state that nurses who visit our site want to work in. has more than 5,000 job listings in the Sunshine State, so it sounds promising – lots of people want to travel nurse in Florida, and hospitals in Florida need nurses. However, with so many people scouting the same jobs, it’s important to stand out from the competition. Here are four tips for how to land a job travel nursing in Florida.

Four Tips for How to Land a Job Travel Nursing in Florida

travel nursing in Florida

Florida is a top destination for travel nurses.

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If you want to ditch your heavy winter coat, gloves, and that hat that’s flattening your hair, you can. You just have to know what you want out of your travel nurse career and how to get it. The one thing people forget to mention about travel nursing is that many times, it’s about marketing yourself. Here are four tips for how to land a job travel nursing in Florida when everyone else is trying for the same position.

1. Know your strengths

Tip number one – know your strengths. What specialty is your niche? Where do you have the most experience? Let that direct you. Although you may want to gain more experience in another specialty, that’s probably a goal to achieve later in a less competitive market. When looking for a job travel nursing in Florida, look for the one that can benefit the most from your skills. Another thing to consider is what additional certificates you have that the hospital could benefit from. Make sure you highlight those qualifications.

2. Don’t aim too high

Not only should you look for a specialty that vibes with your previous nursing experience, but also consider the hospital you’ll be going to. For example, if you’ve only ever worked in smaller, rural hospitals, or have never worked in a level 1 trauma center, consider that. There are so many different options for travel nursing in Florida, so find the one that you’ll be most comfortable in. Hospital personnel want a travel nurse to jump in and help their team. They don’t want someone who’s going to be overwhelmed by the nurse to patient ratio. Florida travel nurse jobs are available in hospitals of all sizes and in urban and rural settings.

3. Be flexible

Being flexible when it comes to scheduling will also make you stand out from the competition. If you have scheduling quirks that interfere with a hospital’s needs, they may overlook all of your other qualifications to go with a candidate who’s more readily available. If you are flexible and aiming for a job that you know you’re good at, you should have a pretty good chance of landing a job travel nursing in Florida.

4. Be organized

The fourth and final tip from us – be organized. When someone calls you for a job, answer right away. Do your research about that hospital and community, so you’re knowledgeable. Knowledge shows you’re invested in the opportunity. Have your paperwork ready, as these jobs won’t last long. There’s nothing more disappointing than not having something you need in order to finalize a contract, and suddenly someone who’s more prepared is taking that job from underneath you.

Are you a seasoned travel nurse who flocks to Florida in the winter? What are some tips you can give to new travelers who are looking for jobs travel nursing in Florida? Share with us in the comments below!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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