VA Travel Nurse Benefits

VA Travel Nurse Benefits

Are you an experienced VA nurse looking for a new adventure? Would you like the opportunity to give back to veterans while expanding your professional network? If you said yes to these questions, you should consider submitting an application to become a VA travel nurse! Exciting and rewarding experiences are right around the corner for VA nurses willing to work in different facilities around the country. Continue reading this blog to discover how becoming a VA travel nurse could benefit you!va travel nurse

What is a VA Travel Nurse?

VA nurses work hard to improve the lives of American veterans and their families. Nurses working with veterans will assist with healthcare practices such as surgeries, mental health services, rehabilitation, and preventative care. Many veterans cope with their PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) through substance abuse, so drug and alcohol treatments are also very common in VAs. Other specific treatments include Agent Orange or radiation exposure, hearing or blindness rehabilitation, and HIV/AIDS treatments.

VA Travel Nurse Benefits

There are many reasons that VA nurses should consider a travel nursing career. Travel nurses gain valuable healthcare experience all while being paid to travel! Does this sound like the right career for you? Read on to discover our top four reasons for you to become a VA travel nurse today!

Rewarding Work

VA travel nurses are able to help veterans live more comfortable and fulfilling lives. What better way to thank the brave men and women who served our country than to support them in their times of need? By working with veterans, you will hear their stories and develop bonds that will help you better accommodate their needs.


Travel nurses have the opportunity to work in many different facilities across the country. Working in a variety of different professional settings is a great way to meet new people and build your professional network. These connections will be valuable for landing a future position, whether it’s another travel assignment or a full-time job.  


Travel nurses have a unique advantage when it comes to their work-life balance. They get to choose when and where they work on their assignments. Many employers understand the sacrifice that moving to for a job requires and will compensate nurses well. This means that taking a few weeks vacation between assignments is totally possible!  

New Experiences

While working as a VA travel nurse, you will constantly be immersed in new and exciting experiences. Not only can you learn a lot about our nation’s history through your patient stories, but you can also explore your new location while you’re off the clock. The United States is filled with so many diverse cultures with their own customs, cuisines, and art. You can also enjoy the varying regional landscapes by hiking, going on tours, and even scuba diving! Becoming a travel nurse allows you to get paid while traveling from state to state and discovering everything this beautiful country has to offer!

Have we convinced you? Are you ready to start enjoying the benefits of becoming a VA travel nurse today? Be sure to browse our available positions by specialty or state on our website. For more information, check out our other blog posts and submit any questions you may have! TravelNurseSource is committed to finding the best assignments for experienced VA nurses looking for new opportunities and challenges. As long as you have 1-2 years as a VA nurse, you can begin your adventure now!

Current travel nurses: What is your favorite benefit of being a travel nurse? Is there any advice you have for nurses considering a travel nursing careers? Let us know in the comment section below. We appreciate your feedback!

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