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Hello! My name is Nicky Cyr and I'm a Recruiter for Titan Medical! It is my #1 goal to find you a travel nurse position that fits what you're looking for! I pride myself in providing great customer service and clear communication and being available to you, for anything you need! Here at Titan, we really care about each of our travelers and keeping you happy while you're on the road! I love my job and would be happy to help you find an assignment you love just as much!


Titan Medical

Omaha, NE

We Take Care of You.

While the availability of medical technicians and professionals becomes increasingly limited, there seems to be no shortage of staffing firms. That’s why Titan Medical works hard to distinguish itself through our responsiveness, our candidates and our attentiveness to your individual needs. When we say, “We take care of you.” We mean it – both to the medical professionals we represent and the healthcare organizations that rely on us for quality candidates.

Founded by experienced medical professional recruiters and healthcare human resource professionals, Titan Medical was created as an alternative to other staffing resources. We found that by focusing on the needs of the individuals we served, we were able to attract higher quality candidates and clients in need of their services.

It’s a risk that paid off, making Titan Medical one of the leading medical professional staffing firms in the country. Our candidates include the very best in the fields of radiation oncology, rehabilitation, respiratory care, radiology services, nursing and medical laboratory have to offer. Our clients represent the broad diversity of the healthcare industry today – from leading national and regional healthcare centers to traditional hospitals, specialty care clinics and other centers of care.

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