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I am proud to say I’m a native Texan originally from West Texas. I have been in Dallas, TX since 1988 (Yes, it gets really hot here in the summer). I am the proud mother of three boys which I believe is exactly what led me to this position in my life. Two of them were born with disabilities and spent many days in the hospital before they turned five. This experience created a love in my heart for nurses that isn’t easy to explain. Because of the compassion and amazing care these nurses provided to my kids, it is a privilege for me now to serve them. I love and am honored to have the opportunity to help you find that perfect assignment so you can do what you do best…heal people. FUN FACTS I am a classically trained vocalist and I love writing music that tells a story. I’m a huge advocate for individuals with disabilities. I love any beach that has warm sand and huge waves. The Calla Lilly is my favorite flower. I HATE elevators…will take the stairs if possible. I am amazed every single time I hold a newborn baby. I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan and I love wearing cowboy boots. I keep thinking I must skydive before my life is over.




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