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Farmington, CT
estimated $752 per week
Start: ASAP
Duration: 13 weeks

Travel Nurse RN - Long-Term Care - $752 per week in Farmington, CT - Details: Must Have 2+ Years of recent experience. * Specialty: * Discipline: Registered Nurse * Start Date: 2024-08-09 * Duration: 13 Weeks * Shift: 8 Hours Day shift * Hours Per Week: 40 Hours * Employment Type: Contract * Gross Weekly Pay: $752.38 Six things that won’t happen if you apply to this job: * You won’t have to guess what the downsides are. We’ll tell you up front. * You won’t show up on day 1 and find out this is not what you signed up for. * We won't leave your phone call ringing when it's inconvenient. Business hours for you are business hours for us. * You won’t get shuffled to some customer service rep when a problem pops up. * If we screw up something in securing your placement, we'll own it. That means it's on us to make it right. * You won’t figure out your credentials alone. Our credentialing experts will walk you through it step by step. We've talked to thousands of travel nurses like you. We know you want good pay. You want to choose when you work. But the one thing nurse after nurse has said they want and don't have is someone in their corner. There's a lot in this business that’s messed up. We’re trying to be the people that fix it. You and every nurse with the guts to travel deserve it. We've worked hard for you to enjoy some one-of-a-kind benefits you'll not likely find anywhere else, because they benefit you more than they benefit us: * Our early pay program * Student loan reimbursement * Free well-being tele-visits with a psychologist

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