The Basic Guide to Travel Nurse Housing

Travel nursing usually has two different offerings for housing; you could be agency placed or receive a housing stipend. Depending on the assignment itself and the location housing can differ wherever you decide to travel to. The benefits of being agency placed is that you do not have to go off searching by yourself which can be hard to do especially in smaller cities. Another benefit is the simplicity factor, all you have to do is show up at your destination and the housing is already there. You also do not have to pay out of pocket for deposits/leases, which removes the issue if your assignment were to be all of a sudden cancelled.

Utilities and Furnishings

Most agencies will pay for utilities such as, gas, electric, and water. As for cable and Internet this depends, some will pay some will not. Furnished housing usually consists of a queen-sized bed, dresser, nightstand (the usual bedroom necessitates) and kitchen table, couch, chair, lamp, coffee table and television. Items like a microwave, washer/dryer are not always considered usual items but can be discussed with the agency. Make this temporary housing your home and re-decorate a bit. This can give your home for a few weeks a temporary touch of personality.

Family, Friends, and Pets

If you choose to stay with a family or friend in the area that you are traveling to, you will be able to receive a housing stipend depending on the location of travel and the contract signed with the agency. As for roommates, you will usually not have a roommate while on assignment. In some cases however, if it is a very short assignment you could possibly have a roommate. This again, is up to the agency that you are on assignment for.

Bring your family bring your pet! While on assignment you can most definitely bring your loved ones. What better way to have this adventure than with your family, they too will be able to have this experience and be able to share it with you. Be sure to discuss this with your recruiter so that the proper accommodations can be made. When bringing your pet, keep in mind that there most likely will be an added deposit that you will have to pay to bring your furry pal. You can travel with another travel nurse as well. This could be beneficial to both of you for housing and stipend options.

Getting Settled

Usually you are allowed two days before the start date of your travel nurse assignment to move into your temporary home. This way you can be settled in your new space and ready to tackle the new city you are working in. Travel nursing is an extremely rewarding career, and being comfortable in where you will reside for those weeks is crucial. Finding the right city and the right housing is essential to having a great experience at your next destination. Depending on your preferences for housing, your nursing agency will help you every step of the way to ensure an unforgettable experience.

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