How Is Covid 19 Affecting Travel Nurse Jobs?
How Is Covid 19 Affecting Travel Nurse Jobs? - Travel Nurse Source Blog

How Is Covid 19 Affecting Travel Nurse Jobs?

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We’re seeing a significant increase in demand for certain travel nurse specialties as COVID-19 continues to spread in hot spot areas across the country. With this increase in demand comes an increase in pay for travel nurses who are able and willing to put themselves on the frontline. Due to the unique nature of this pandemic, here at we pulled our proprietary data to get a holistic picture of how COVID-19 is impacting the travel nurse industry. Below we’ll outline some of our findings on COVID-19 and travel nurse jobs.

Which Specialties Are Seeing an Increase in Demand?

First, in the recently pulled data, we noticed an increase in agencies looking to hire ICU nurses, as demand in ICU grows above any other specialty. In just one month’s time, from February to March, demand for ICU travel nurses increase by 59%. We saw a 64% increase in job listings for RN first assist positions, and a 62% increase in ER/trauma assignments. Med/Surg increased by 14%.

ICU Registered Nurses Needed Now!

Are you an ICU nurse or med/surg nurse who is looking to help treat COVID-19 patients? Click here to browse the jobs we have available right now!

Which States Need Nurses the Most?

Since the onset of COVID-19, the number of nurses applying to work in New York more than doubled. Typically, our most-coveted destinations are California, Florida, Hawaii, Colorado, and Texas. According to New York times coverage, the states with the most coronavirus cases to date are New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and California.

Can LPNs Help With COVID-19?

We’ve had a lot of people reach out to us asking about LPN positions right now. There are some LPN COVID-19 positions available, most of which are in psych or a long-term care setting. Nursing homes across the country are seeing a discouraging number of deaths as a result of COVID-19. The contagious virus, once in a communal living setting, is very challenging to control and both residents and staff are getting sick.

Are you an LPN who is willing to help fill gaps in care in nursing homes? Apply now.

Can CNAs Help With COVID-19?

CNA job outlook is very similar to LPN in that these license types are most needed in skilled nursing facilities. Here you can check out the current crisis positions for CNAs that we have available!

Are New Travel Nurses Emerging?

Of the people who are applying on, 54% have traveled before while 46% are new travelers. If you are a nurse who wants to travel but isn’t sure where to start, check out our guide on how to become a travel nurse. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Connect with a recruiter or an agency
  2. Make sure you have your resume and paperwork ready to go
  3. Keep an open mind about location
  4. Don’t be shy – ask lots of questions!

Keep in mind that now that there is such an exceptionally high demand for travel nurses, you don’t necessarily need to have a year or more of nursing experience to get started. If you are one of these in-demand specialties, like ICU, ER, or Med/Surg, feel free to apply today. We are finding that certain requirements or red tape typically associated with travel nursing are being waved due to the extreme circumstances. For example, aside from experience requirements, some states are even waving licensing rules too.

Do You Have Additional Questions About COVID-19 and Travel Nurse Jobs?

If you have additional questions about COVID-19 and travel nurse jobs, check out our other blog where we attempt to answer your most-asked questions!

We Know You Can’t Stay Home, But Stay Calm

For tips on how to decompress after your shift and cope with coronavirus as a nurse, watch this video! Self-care is going to be vital for nurses everywhere so that you don’t get burnt out during this time.

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