Nursing Trends For 2018

Nursing Trends For 2018

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It’s time to look forward to the New Year. Whether you’re looking to start fresh or keep your momentum rolling into 2018, we want you to have the best year possible as a nurse. As the landscape continues to change, it’s important to keep an eye on the future. Below we’ve taken a look at some of the nursing trends for 2018 and how the healthcare landscape could change. Let’s make this year a great one!

Nursing Trends For 2018

The Nursing Shortage

Just like last year, the nurse shortage is one of the top nursing trends for 2018. With an aging population and dwindling workforce, we’re in desperate need for nurses. More than half of working nurses are over 50, which means there will be a lot of empty positions to fill in the coming years as they retire. At the same time, millennials are going to make up a large portion of the workforce, meaning that it will be crucial to recruit and retain millennial nurses. This new group of nurses is going to be more ethnically diverse and tech-savvy than the group preceding it, which will be an advantage for the younger group. This means that young nurses will be greatly desired in 2018.

Below are just a few changes you could see when facilities try to recruit you.

  1. Healthcare facilities will try to offer you the best possible salary to combat the nursing shortage. However, if they cannot offer the desired salary, there are still plenty of other benefits that are available through travel nursing. Mentorship programs will also help you adjust to working in a new environment.
  2. You will have the luxury of choosing a position that best meets your needs because the demand for nurses is so high. This will give you the chance to really explore all potential options. A travel career could be the ideal opportunity because you can test the waters in a new specialty without a full-time commitment.
  3. Finally, you might want the help of a service like TravelNurseSource. Job board sites allow you to compare job opportunities and agencies to ensure that you’re finding the best possible move. Be sure to check out our services if you need help finding a travel nurse assignment.

Technology Will Grow

Like most careers, technology will play an integral part as the landscape changes. One of the biggest nursing trends for 2018 will be the impact of technology on the nursing industry. Nurses are already using technology in the workplace, but advances will require nurses to become even more tech-savvy and able to learn to use new tools as they’re introduced into healthcare facilities. From early on, nursing students will be working with simulators and other pieces of technology designed to mimic real-world issues.

nursing trends for 2018

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Once you begin working in a healthcare facility, you’ll be working with other high-tech devices. The adoption of electronic health records has driven dramatic change in the healthcare industry.  Increasingly, EHR systems are going mobile, which means nurses will be able to pull up records at the point of care rather than back at the nursing station.  Data is also becoming increasingly important to healthcare facilities of all sizes, driven by the ease with which written and oral communications can be digitized. The ability to successfully adapt to these devices is one of the major nursing trends for 2018.

The Healthcare Landscape

Some lawmakers and the president still want to repeal Obamacare and are taking steps to unravel the healthcare law. This means unease will continue about exactly how healthcare laws in the United States will change and how that change will impact the nursing industry. Forbes contributor Bruce Jaspen says a repeal of the Affordable Care Act without a replacement could potentially cost the U.S. over 2.5 million jobs, and many would come from the nation’s hospitals and health systems. This would threaten hospitals’ ability to serve their patients and communities in addition to their employed physicians, nurses and healthcare staff. This bill could greatly impact the nursing shortage. Only time will tell what a new healthcare law could do to the healthcare industry.

As always, if you have other nursing trends for 2018 that you’re keeping an eye on, let us know!

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