Summer Lovin’: Dating for Travel Nurses

The weather’s been heating up and so have the opportunities to catch those spring flings and sizzlin’ summer romances. But, when you’re someone living the traveling nurse lifestyle, is dating even on your radar?

For singles that decide to head down that romantic road while on assignment, there’s a lot of things that you need to keep in mind, so you might want to pump those heart-brakes. It’s not impossible to end up finding your soulmate during your travels, but as relationships of any sort tend to do, things can get just a tad complicated along the way. After all, as much as we would love to be living in our own personal romcom about finding a summer love while exploring a new city, building meaningful relationships take some time and some fancy footwork. Nurses beware: even the medically trained can have a hard time healing a broken heart.

Differences in Personalities Based on Location?

When we dive headfirst into the sea of love, the fish that might start biting can will be as varied as the very places we find ourselves. But, before you start trying to reel anyone in, do you know just what to expect when you’re in a destination foreign to you? Like, are California guys all laid-back surfers or tech-geniuses of Silicon Valley? Are the ladies in the south the dignified southern belles of Gone with the Wind? Part of the draw that dating as a traveling nurse brings is that uniquely exceptional differences that can accompany the traits of the natives. However, that spice that heats up our love life from the unpredictability of dating while traveling can be hard to keep up with for some. And, in fact, that very thing thing different about the particular dating culture may turn out to be a major turn-off in the long-run.

Does Online Dating Work for Travel Nurses?

A lot of travel nurses find that their closest people in their life during their travels are their coworkers. However, we all know that dating co-workers is a huge taboo. You don’t want to…(you know)….where you eat, right? So a lot of travel healthcare workers who are still feeling a bit unlucky in love try their odds with the whole online dating scene as a great way to meet people outside the workplace. And accorind to a 2012 survey, 45% of men are turned off by a woman who “doesn’t care about her career.” So as a travel nurse, you clearly has an advantageous job for finding a potential partner. And, I’m sure, it goes similarly for both. However, dating online comes with plenty of risks. How do you know their profile picture isn’t a picture of them from 20 years ago….or a completely fake one entirely (with enough fish in the sea, let’s avoid the catfish)? But—all risks aside, it is kind of nice to know you can potentially find dates from the comfort of your pajamas.

Can Dating Coworkers Ever Work?

Things happen, right? So what happens when you just can’t fight that feeling towards someone you work with side-by-side on the job? Can sparks fly or is it just a mistake waiting to blow up in your face? I mean… a sexual harassment charge is NOT something that you want for any reason ever (regardless of how hot our coworkers may be.) However, that doesn’t mean that finding an “office” romance is impossible. But, there are some guidelines to follow. First, you want to check the policy the particular facility may have regarding dating of co-workers, Then, as long as that checks out, you honestly can’t bring that “more-than-friend” attitude to work with you. This goes without saying, but be professional. It may just be a short-term stay working in that particular spot, but it’s still your jobs and there’s nothing worse than putting your beloved livelihood on the line for a hookup.


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