Washington and Pennsylvania Adopt eNLC License
Washington and Pennsylvania Adopt eNLC License - Travel Nurse Source Blog

Washington and Pennsylvania Adopt eNLC License

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Attention all travel nurses, Washington and Pennsylvania have just joined the list of states that are Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC) members. So, what does this mean for you?

What is the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC)?

In the past, travel nurses would obtain a single-state license to work in the state of their choosing. To work in a different state, you would have to obtain new licensure for that state.

Now, with the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), or eNLC, nurses can receive one multistate license that permits them to work in any of the nursing compact states. There’s no longer a need to wait through the time-consuming process of obtaining a new license each time you want to work in a new location.

Frequently Asked Questions about the eNLC License

Is the eNLC different from the original NLC?

Both the eNLC and NLC allow nurses to practice across multiple states. However, the eNLC has more rigorous requirements than the nurse licensure compact. These uniform licensure requirements (ULRs) include passing criminal background checks and passing the NCLEX exam to become a registered nurse.

Which States are Part of the eNLC?

The list of nursing compact states is constantly growing. 37 states are full member states, with Washington and Pennsylvania to soon join that list, but only have partial implementation.

Which States are Awaiting Implementation?

Rhode Island and the Virgin Islands have enacted the eNLC but are awaiting implementation before they are a compact state.

Which States are Pending Legislation?

Alaska, DC, Hawaii, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Minnesota all have legislation pending to soon become one of the nursing compact states.

Which States don’t have eNLC Legislation?

States such as California, Connecticut, Oregon, and Nevada all have yet to become compact states. The territory of the Mariana Islands isn’t a compact state either.

What Happens if My Home State isn’t Part of the eNLC?

If your primary state isn’t a part of the compact states, then you’re unable to receive a multi-state license. You’re not able to go to any other state to receive an eNLC, so until your state has passed legislation, you’ll have to wait.

What are the Requirements for Obtaining a License?

There are a number of requirements for obtaining a multistate license. First, you must meet the requirements for licensure in your primary state. Then, you must have graduated from a board-approved education program.

If you’ve graduated from an international education program, you must be approved by an authorized accrediting body in the applicable country and verified by an independent credentials review agency to obtain a license.

Other requirements for obtaining a multi-state license include passing an English proficiency exam if that’s not the individual’s native language and passing an NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN examination or predecessor exam.

Compact license eligibility is contingent on your nursing and criminal history. To obtain a compact license, nurses must hold active nursing licenses. In addition, it must be an unencumbered license.

Before receiving multi-state licenses, nurses must have submitted to state and federal fingerprint-based criminal background checks. It’s also expected that you have no misdemeanor convictions related to the practice of nursing or any state or federal felony convictions.

Finally, you can’t be in an alternative program, or you must self-disclose current participation in an alternative program. Nurses must also have a valid United States Social Security Number.

What are the Steps to Applying for the NLC?

Registered nurses or licensed practical/vocational nurses who live in a compact state and meet the licensure requirements can apply for a multistate license. You can apply through your state boards of nursing.

Travel Nurse Life in Washington

Washington Joins States with eNLC License

Washington is now one of the eNLC states. The most recent law passed is allowing nurses with Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) to practice in their state. This opens up an entirely new compact state for you to travel to.

What Does Washington Have to Offer?


One of the best parts of the job is getting to experience a new place. Washington is known for its natural beauty, which includes a variety of scenery such as mountains, forests, and the Pacific coast.

In the city of Seattle, you can see landmarks like the Space Needle. You can also check out Mount St. Helens or its notable coffee scene. With so much to see, there’s a world of opportunity in Washington.

Travel Nurse Jobs in Washington

Washington Travel Nurse Jobs

For those who’ve got their multi-state licenses issued and are interested in traveling to Washington, there are a lot of nursing jobs for you. Here at TravelNurseSource.com, you can look at a number of the available travel nurse jobs in Washington.

Travel Nurse Life in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Apart of States with eNLC Licenses

Pennsylvania is about to become one of the member states as well. Their recent NLC legislation means nurses with a compact license can now practice in the state.

Here’s why you should explore jobs in PA:

What Does Pennsylvania Have to Offer?

Liberty Bell

Pennsylvania offers a diverse array of scenery. From notable cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to more rural beauty like the Pocono Mountains or the Lancaster County Amish country.

There are a number of famous attractions and landmarks to see as well. The foundation of the United States began in Philadelphia at Independence Hall. You’ll also be able to see the Liberty Bell there. In addition, Hershey’s Chocolate World will let you see how the famous chocolate is made.

Travel Nurse Jobs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Travel Nurse Jobs

If you’re looking for a job in Pennsylvania but don’t know where to start, TravelNurseSource.com can help. They sort jobs by state, so you can find jobs in PA or any compact state.

Why Should You Consider a Multistate License?

If you want to practice in multiple states, you’ll want to have more than just a single-state license that only allows you to practice in your primary state. To practice nursing across state lines, you’ll need to have your nursing license, be a registered nurse, and be approved by your state board.

While there are a number of requirements to obtain a multistate license, it will greatly improve your travel nursing experience. To determine compact license eligibility, use the National Council of State Boards of Nursing as a resource.

The Future of the eNLC

It’s important for any registered nurses to stay informed about the status of any state in regard to the eNLC. Make sure to stay tuned for when Rhode Island and the Virgin Islands join the list of member states.

If you’d like to see your state join the list of eNLC states, make sure to advocate to your state board.

Author: Hanna Ingold

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